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Play of the Game: Practice squad CB Donovan Olumba had an electrifying pick six against Tampa Bay

Donovan Olumba looks to have a bright future.

The Cowboys first touchdown of their last preseason game did not come at the conclusion of their first offensive drive; it came at the conclusion of their first defensive drive. This is our final preseason Play of the Game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Griffin lined up in the shotgun facing first and 10 on Tampa’s own 20. Griffin got the ball off fast, but it wasn’t fast enough. As safety Jameill Showers came off the screaming off the edge, he jumped up in the air and partially deflected the ball. This caused the ball to softly flutter into the secondary.

Buccaneers wide receiver Bobo Wilson made the break on his out route, running away from the ball, but new practice squad cornerback Donovan Olumba had his eyes in the backfield. He saw the errant pass and adjusted, going down on his knees to make the catch.

After catching the ball, Olumba got up and bolted down the sideline. He picked up a good block from linebacker Justin March and outran the rest of the Buccaneers to the pylon.

Young players standing up and making plays is what preseason is all about. Olumba showed that when the opportunity strikes, he can make a game changing play.

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