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Jason Garrett press conference: Welcome to Week 1

The Cowboys head coach took to the podium on Monday of Week 1.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys play a real football game on Sunday against the New York Giants. Considering we’re back in game week mode that means we’re back to normal Jason Garrett press conferences!

Here is a recap of Jason Garrett’s answers from Monday (all answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Approach taken with Zeke

Jason Garrett didn’t bite on any questions when it came to Ezekiel Elliott on Monday and noted that the Cowboys are focused on the players that were there at The Star. That’s how he rolls.

How long would it take to catch up Zeke?

Asked how long it would take to get Elliott back up to speed, Garrett was quick to note that this question was a hypothetical. He acknowledged that Zeke knows the Cowboys system and is certainly capable of catching up quickly.

Jason Garrett really didn’t want to talk about Zeke

Asked if he was approaching the week as if Elliott wouldn’t be there Jason Garrett was firm in that the Cowboys are going to practice on Monday in preparation of facing the New York Giants on Sunday.

Confidence in guys behind Zeke

Jason Garrett did note that he’s got a lot of confidence in the players that are behind Ezekiel Elliott on the depth chart. This list now includes Jordan Chunn who was promoted from the practice squad.

Garrett was asked specifically about Tony Pollard and said that the Cowboys are very confident in his game and how versatile he is.

What does Jordan Chunn bring?

The Cowboys have been fans of Jordan Chunn for a while now and this is something that Jason Garrett echoed on Monday. He noted that Chunn has a big body and has some versatility on special teams and with the team being “banged up” at linebacker having someone who can excel there is useful.

Amari Cooper will practice on Monday


Additionally, Jason Garrett said that “all of those guys who have been out” will do something on Monday. This list of course includes Tyron Smith and Zack Martin. Good news.

Monday’s focus will be the New York Giants

Asked whether Monday’s practice will be more focused on who the Cowboys are or on the New York Giants, Jason Garrett was specific in saying that they’ll be focused on the G-Men on Monday.

We’ll see on Connor McGovern

The Cowboys placed their third-round pick on injured reserve on Monday and Jason Garrett noted that they’re going to wait and see what the situation with him is in the future.

There haven’t been “specific discussions” about Rolando McClain

Okay then.

Everything that Travis Frederick has done has been “outstanding”

The story of Travis Frederick is well-known by now and Sunday will mark his return to the regular season in quite some time. Jason Garrett echoed that Frederick seems to be in a good place.

Growth from Dak

Jason Garrett specified that he’s asked “a lot” about where Dak Prescott has grown the most since last season ended. He acknowledged that he always gives the same answer and it’s that Dak is focused on getting better each and every day. That’s the Jason Garrett way.

Advantage with Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore is entering his first season as an offensive coordinator which means there isn’t a lot of film on his scheme out there. Jason Garrett said this can sometimes be the case and you just have to take advantage of what you can.

Biggest challenge of defending Saquon Barkley

Jason Garrett noted that Giants running back Saquon Barkley is a “great, great football player.” He expressed an admiration for Saquon’s talents in the run and pass game and called him a dynamic player. He’s without question the most important player to be worried about when the Giants are on offense.

Characterization of defense

Coach Garrett did say that he felt it was too early to characterize anything about the team’s defense (shout out Hot Boyz) and talked about how he was excited to just get to practice and put some work in so that the team could get closer to their goals.

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