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Cowboys fans continue to feel confident heading into the biggest game of the season

It’s hard to be upset about 3-0.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow we’re already at Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season. It always goes by so much faster than any of us would have wanted.

It’s getting darker outside sooner and shortly (hopefully) we’ll start to get some cooler weather. Fall is officially here and so are all of the joys that come with it, including feeling really good about the Dallas Cowboys.

Every week we track how Cowboys fans are feeling about the state of the team (along with some NFL-wide discussion) with SB Nation’s FanPulse tool. You can sign up right here to be part of the group that is polled.

There are plenty of reasons to feel confident in the Cowboys right now. They have one of the best offenses in the NFL, a quarterback playing at an MVP level, a running back who’s off to the best start of his career, a star wide receiver, and a defense full of talent that likely figures to start finding their true and proper form.

Maybe it’s because the Cowboys defense felt suspect last week that fan confidence actually dipped from last week to this one, or maybe it’s because confidence was just so high to begin with. Either way the numerical value of how confident Cowboys fans are feeling did indeed dip from Week 3 to Week 4... by one little percent.

Cowboy fans confidence at various points
  • End of season: 65%
  • Free agency: 57%
  • Pre-draft: 79%
  • Post-draft: 76%
  • Preseason Week 1: 68%
  • Week 1: 78%
  • Week 2: 94%
  • Week 3: 96%
  • Week 4: 95%

The reality is that fans have felt at least 94% confident for the last three weeks in a row and that’s something that we’ve never seen from Dallas rooters since FanPulse began last year. There’s no denying that this is the most “confident” stretch of football that the team has played since then which is what tends to raise expectations.

It’s likely that confidence will rise again if Dallas is successful against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night. That’s a more quality opponent and prime time game so good feelings will surely bubble up if the Cowboys win.

Let’s hope that’s the case.

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