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Jonathan Vilma has no idea who 2019 Dak Prescott is

Doubting Dak Prescott hasn’t worked out well for many.

Washington Redskins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The list of people that doubt Dak Prescott continues to grow and so does the number of losses that they take as a result of it.

Last year, Landon Collins challenged Prescott and ultimately lost. A few weeks ago Josh Norman had some things to say that didn’t go quite well. Our latest challenger is former New Orleans Saints linebacker - now ESPN analyst - Jonathan Vilma. He’s been talking.

“The first thing you still have to do is stop Ezekiel Elliott. That’s one. After you do that all you need to do is roll your coverages. And it’s easier said than done, I know I have to simply it, obviously we’re on tv. You start rolling your coverages and make him pump the ball - he’s done. He’s gonna start taking off and running the ball. He’s not a Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, that’s going to sit there and say ‘I don’t care what you’re throwing at me, I’m going to make these throws!’”

It’s often said about this show, although typically for different analysts, but this is an absolutely horrific take. Has Vilma not seen any Dak film from 2019?

Dak Prescott has been more than successful against defenses rolling their coverages, he’s torched teams that have done that. To act like it’s his weakness is laughable.

As if what Vilma is proposing the Saints do (not so coincidentally his former team, mind you) is not so easy when you consider the prerequisite involved. All they have to do is stop Ezekiel Elliott, no big deal!

Does Jonathan Vilma not know that Zeke is the NFL’s reigning rushing champion, has two titles in three seasons, and is literally perhaps the best running back in the league? Not to mention that both Elliott and Prescott are each off to the greatest starts of a season in their careers?

Nobody - nobody - is saying that Dak Prescott is a superior quarterback to the ones that Vilma named in his rant, but the fact is that the Cowboys signal-caller has more statistical success than all of them this season. To act as if Dak is reliant on his running abilities is a thought from several years ago.

Doubting Dak Prescott during the week has been a very bad idea for people that play the Cowboys. Is Vilma the next one to have to eat his words?

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