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Report: Ezekiel Elliott headed back from Cabo, rumors of a mega deal circulate

Is Tuesday the day the Cowboys sign Ezekiel Elliott to a contract extension?

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s possible that today, Tuesday, September 3rd, is the day that it all ends. Possible.

The status of Ezekiel Elliott’s contract negotiations have been more fluid than a waterbed (shout out to the 1980s) for the better part of the last month and change. If, and when, he will show up is something we’ve all run out of brain capacity to consider, but he’s at the very least going to literally show up on Tuesday. He’s headed back from Cabo.

This particular report of Elliott flying back to the DFW area isn’t as fun or panic-inducing as the photo of him on a plane that sent everybody into all sorts of directions, but the purpose of it is more important. Given that Elliott and his representation are flying back to Dallas on the Tuesday of a game week feels like a significant step.

It does feel like this thing is starting to heat up, in all honesty. Be mindful of what we’re talking about here, but consider that Shannon Sharpe said on Tuesday’s Undisputed that he’s hearing it will ultimately be a seven-year deal for Elliott. That fits the mold of a five-year extension on top of his current two years remaining.

The Cowboys saved some salary cap space with Tuesday morning’s La’el Collins contract extension and that could be the final push that this entire thing needed. Is it possible that this really is about to happen?

As the Cowboys do play a game on Sunday we are squarely in the eleventh hour. Deadlines have always made deals and the Cowboys and Elliott both are enclosing on one.

Stay alert. We could dance today.

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