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Ezekiel Elliott’s agent on contract negotiations: Very, very close.

Things are really heating up between the Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been thinking recently that the Dallas Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliott are close to a contract extension, then you are absolutely right. There is more than smoke, there are tons of sparks.

Elliott landed back in the DFW area on Tuesday evening and he came with his agent, Rocky Arceneaux. As you can imagine, because this is the Dallas Cowboys, there were plenty of media on hand to see Team Elliott back in the metropolis.

There has been speculation on how soon Zeke could sign his extension with the Cowboys throughout Tuesday, but this was the first time that either the running back or his agent had a microphone in their face. Elliott’s agent was asked how close things are and he provided the answer that those who want to see Zeke back on the field want to hear: Very, very close.

There was talk of a potential press conference being called tomorrow which would obviously signify some sort of news that the Cowboys want to announce to the world. That all seems to fit the idea that the deal could be signed tomorrow, plus Elliott didn’t return home for no reason. A point that his agent emphasized.

“I think Zeke is showing he’s committed by coming back to Dallas. We didn’t come here not to do a deal.”

Many people have been wondering if Elliott is in game shape. According to him, he’s ready.

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