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Jason Garrett gives updates on Tyron Smith and other injuries, discusses offensive woes

Coach meets with the press following a disappointing Cowboys loss to the Saints.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

For the first time in the 2019 season, coach Jason Garrett has to meet with the media on a Monday after a Cowboys defeat. Let’s see what he had to say about that, and about some of the injury questions surrounding the team. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Using Tony Pollard

Jason Garrett noted that the Cowboys had a plan for how they wanted to attack on offense and that Ezekiel Elliott wasn’t really tired so there wasn’t a huge need to pull him out.

Not enough plays mean not a good enough rhythm

Obviously you want to establish a rhythm for players which requires consistency. The Cowboys didn’t get a chance to achieve that unfortunately.

Give credit to the defenses

A 12-10 game means that there is some great defense happening and Jason Garrett was quick to note this. He gave credit to both the Dallas and New Orleans defenses for making it a battle.

Tyron Smith update

Jason Garrett said it’s hard to say anything definitively about Tyron Smith but that they did get some favorable results. He noted that they’ll list him as week to week and see how he responds.

Copycat league syndrome

In the NFL so many teams copy what other ones do well. It’s fair to wonder if other teams will look at how the Saints played the Cowboys to try and mimic the success. Asked if he was worried about that Jason Garrett responded that most teams really are who they are.

Use of play-action

The Cowboys didn’t utilize a lot of play-action in New Orleans and Jason Garrett said it’s definitely part of what they do. He said typically they’ll run the ball but that unfortunately they had limited opportunities in New Orleans and couldn’t get into their rhythm.

Missing Michael Gallup

Asked how much the team might be missing Michael Gallup, Jason Garrett said that Gallup is a very good player. He then said that that Devin Smith is a good player and has done some things for them.

Kavon Frazier is having surgery

He’ll be placed on injured reserve and be out for the season.

Adjusting special teams

Obviously Kavon Frazier has a role on the Cowboys on special teams and Jason Garrett specified that this will be part of what they’re looking for in replacing him on the roster.

Antwaun Woods and Tyrone Crawford status?

Coach said they will have to see but are hopeful they can do something in practice on Wednesday.

Leighton Vander Esch

Jason Garrett said that LVE played well in both the run and pass game. Noted that he was very active and around the ball and was impactful in the game.

Robert Quinn

One of the best performances in New Orleans easily belonged to Robert Quinn. Jason Garrett mentioned that Quinn was fantastic, he mentioned the multiple sacks and his play against the run as well as the pass. He thought he really affected their quarterback.

Ezekiel Elliott fumble

Jason Garrett said that the officials told him that they did not have definitive enough evidence to say that Ezekiel Elliott’s “fumble” was in fact not one.

Amari Cooper pass interference calls

Coach just said that is the way they were calling them. He did note there is a process to send the plays in to the NFL to get an idea of the referee’s thoughts on it and that they would do that.

Zack Martin?

Garrett said he seemed to come through the game fine with no setback.

Sean Lee got a lot of snaps

Sean Lee was on the field a lot and coach said that was because the Saints were using their base offense a lot. He also noted that the linebackers have been working in various roles on nickel and Lee was a part of that.

All hands are on deck without Tyron Smith

Asked who would be the team’s swing tackle if Tyron Smith couldn’t go Jason Garrett took a lot of time to answer. He did mention that Brandon Knight could be that guy, but he also said that it could be one of the guards.

Responding to adversity

Coach mentioned that the Cowboys are trying to instill a message to their team to come to work and move forward regardless of what the circumstances are. Obviously losing a game is a bit of adversity and the challenge will be to respond to it.

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