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The Cowboys have handed out almost $200M guaranteed in long-term extensions since last season ended

That’s a lot of pie.

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins

The Ezekiel Elliott contract holdout is over. It’s done. He’s got a brand new six-year, $90M extension with $50M guaranteed to prove it.

Zeke is of course just the latest Cowboy to get a big-time extension from the Jones family (and likely not the last in the foreseeable future). Since the 2018 season ended, the Cowboys have been very busy studying the salary cap, handing out money, and calling press conferences at The Star.

Elliott is just the fourth player whom the Cowboys have handed out a long-term extension to since last season ended. Over the last 153 days the Cowboys have taken care of their own (and aren’t exactly done in that capacity) and have done so to the tune of some serious pie.

Consider every extension the Cowboys have taken care of since April 5th:

Cowboys extensions since 2019

Player Number of Years Total Value Guaranteed
Player Number of Years Total Value Guaranteed
DeMarcus Lawrence 5 $105M $65M
Jaylon Smith 5 $64M $35.5M
La'el Collins 5 $50M $35M
Ezekiel Elliott 6 $90M $50M

That’s almost $200M guaranteed. That’s a lot. But when you’re responsible with your money, it’s possible to handle it all to the point that it’s not crippling.

The Cowboys are one of the best-drafting teams in the NFL so at some point those bills come due. This is obviously why we don’t see the team hand out big-time deals in free agency, their focus is and has been for a while now on paying their own.

Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper both still need new deals, but it’s unlikely that either of them gets one done before the season begins. Whenever they do ultimately sign, that’ll push the Cowboys far past $200M guaranteed handed out to the nucleus of their team. It’s a good problem to have a lot of young players be at the center of what you’re trying to do.

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