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Jason Garrett: Ezekiel Elliott was at breakfast meeting today and team anticipates him practicing

Coach Garrett addresses the media after the Ezekiel Elliott signing.

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Jason Garrett held his regular press conference today, and there was certainly some news to discuss. With Ezekiel Elliott signing a contract extension, coach Garrett answered questions about that, and about preparations for the game against the New York Giants. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Jason Garrett is happy to have Zeke back

Jason Garrett was obviously pleased about Ezekiel Elliott being back with the team. He noted that Zeke was at the team’s breakfast club meeting at 7:30 AM and went through the walk-thru.

The Cowboys anticipate Zeke practicing

Obviously Ezekiel Elliott hasn’t practiced with the team through training camp and the preseason, but Garrett said they plan on having him practice and will adjust accordingly. He did note that Zeke did not go through a conditioning run on Wednesday. He will go through dynamic warm-up and individual drills today, then they will see where he is in his conditioning.

Zeke is experienced with the Cowboys system

Many have been wondering as to just how easy it’ll be for Ezekiel Elliott to get back in the Cowboys fold. Garrett acknowledged that Zeke is comfortable with the team’s system and that things will be fine in that regard. He noted that Zeke is a hard worker and stays on top of things and he’s got a high football IQ so he should be ready.

Garrett isn’t taking any bait

Asked if he experienced any doubt about Zeke potentially being there, Jason Garrett noted that the team was excited about the players that the team had on the roster. He’s in peak form.

He really wasn’t taking any bait

Asked how exciting it is to start the season with his full roster of players, Jason Garrett responded “we’re just excited about the guys.”

Everybody loves Zeke

Jason Garrett seemed ready to talk about anything besides Zeke (in a good way) and noted that everybody loves the running back and that he’s very good. He reiterated that the team is ready to get to work on the regular season.

La’el Collins signing?

Coach noted they love “LC” and that he plays they way they want guys to play, he’s physical and has a great demeanor. He said Collins works on his craft and has improved as a pass protector and run blocker, and complimented his physical demeanor again.

The Cowboys are excited

Asked if there was any sort of fist bump or high-five around The Star when the Zeke contract got done, Jason Garrett said absolutely. But he once again talked about how excited the team is to get back to work.

Nothing has changed in terms of the plan

What the Cowboys have been planning on doing isn’t at all changed by Zeke showing back up according to Garrett.

How did Tyron Smith, Zack Martin and Amari Cooper respond to practicing on Monday?

They all did well and coach anticipates they will all practice today.

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