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Jason Garrett: Updates on how Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper and Zack Martin did in practice

Coach Garrett meet with the assembled media.

NFL: Preseason-Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As is customary, Jason Garrett met with the press today to discuss the Cowboys preparations for the Giants. Here’s what he had to say. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes)

Impressions of Zeke on Wednesday

Jason Garrett noted that Ezekiel Elliott did a great job during Wednesday’s practice and that they’re excited to see what he’s able to do on Thursday. He said he was in all meetings but was limited in the team portion of practice.

The head coach also mentioned that they’ll start Zeke off the same way with a dynamic warm up and individual drills today and see what he’s able to handle.

Is there any defending the player against himself?

Often in times like these coaches have to make sure that they protect players from going to hard and hurting themselves. Jason Garrett reiterated that this is a step-by-step process and that they are continually evaluating where Elliott (and all players for that matter) is.

Preparing for the Giants passing attack in week 1

Jason Garrett noted that at this point in the season you’re relying on history, what you’ve seen in the preseason, and then you have to “be nimble and adjust” as the game goes on because this is the opener.

Amari Cooper had a good practice on Wednesday

Jason Garrett also mentioned that Amari Cooper had a great practice on Wednesday but that he didn’t do everything. He noted it will be a situation that they are continuing to monitor him but that he didn’t have any setbacks.

Jason Witten looks great

This is the first game that the Cowboys will have with Jason Witten back in the fold in some time and Coach Garrett mentioned that Witten looks great.

How do you handle Blake Jarwin with Jason Witten back?

This question was asked to Jason Garrett and he literally responded “I just think you do that.”

He did note that Jarwin has some big plays last year and that he’s growing as a player and learns from experience, both good and bad. Coach also noted that they will use more than one TE at a time in some formations and that they believe they have a good group to do that.

Dak Prescott has a great presence

We’ve heard a lot about Dak Prescott’s leadership and the way that he serves in big time opportunities for the Cowboys. Jason Garrett echoed this sentiment yet again on Thursday and said that Dak will continue to grow.

What has Travis Frederick shown?

Jason Garrett noted that it’s been fun to watch Travis Frederick play and that he’s a great leader for the Cowboys. He talked about how Frederick goes about things the right way and that you’re continually able to see him grow and get better so having him back is a welcome boost.

The hope is to see Randall Cobb “go out there and play”

Jason Garrett mentioned that he’s been a welcome addition to the Cowboys and they’re excited to see how he helps the team.

Week 1 is a clean slate

Jason Garrett talked about how Week 1 is an exciting time for everyone across the NFL and how it’s an exciting proposition to begin a new season full of new hopes and new goals.

How did Zack Martin do in “limited” practice?

Coach noted that all of the injury guys coming back were limited somewhat but that there were no setbacks and they were all able to do what they were asked to do in practice.

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