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Report: Antonio Brown signing with Patriots, Cowboys visit New England in Week 12

Antonio Brown finds a new home after release from Raiders, and his new team plays Dallas this season.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NFL world was rocked on Saturday morning when, with opening Sunday just 24 hours away, the Oakland Raiders were pushed to such a point by wide receiver Antonio Brown that they had to release him.

Brown’s time in the Bay Area lasted just 182 days as he has had controversy after controversy following him in the lead-up to the 2019 season. He had a frostbitten foot, a much-discussed helmet issue, and posted team fines on social media for all the world to see. On Friday night he released a video featuring audio that was clearly a private conversation between he and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, and on Saturday morning he demanded that the Raiders release him. They did, and not long after he found a new home... with the New England Patriots.

This was insanely predictable to be honest, and every Raiders fan has more than enough of a reason to be infuriated at the situation. Oakland traded a third- and fifth-round draft pick just so that Brown could end up with the reigning world champions who have the greatest coach and quarterback that this game has ever seen.

Looking at the way all of this unfolded, maybe Antonio Brown forced his way out of Oakland so that he could be free to sign with the Patriots. Just look at how he reacted to finding out that Oakland released him.

It really is a dark day for the Raiders as it appears that they were outdone by a wide receiver and his agent. Antonio Brown took control of his own destiny, sold what he needed to, and came out on top.

New England hosts Brown’s old team (not the Raiders!) in the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football this week. Because Brown wasn’t on the New England roster by 4 pm ET on Saturday, he’s not eligible to play, but he can play in every other game.

“Every other game” of course includes November 24th when the Cowboys visit the Patriots. Dallas will now have to, at least as of now, have to guard Brown, Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman, and all of the other Patriots weapons.

What a sequence of events.

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