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Seven winners, three losers, and everything in between from the Cowboys Week 1 win

There were A LOT of winners from the Cowboys demolition of the Giants.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 went about as well as it could have, right? The Dallas Cowboys vanquished the New York Giants and all is seemingly right in the world.

Sunday was quite the experience as a Cowboys fan. There was a lot of good to take away, a lot of winners if you will. We’ve compiled our usual list of winners and losers, except there were just too many winners to keep it at five.

The Cowboys won. Here’s who else did (with a few losers).

Winner: Dak Prescott

Pay the man. This isn’t hyperbolic, it isn’t prisoner of the moment, it isn’t overreacting. Dak Prescott has been under an insane microscope since last season ended and he came out during his first game with a new offensive coordinator and totally balled out.

Pay him.

Winner: Amari Cooper

Pay him, too. Seriously. The connection between Prescott and Cooper is one that NFL teams spend decades looking for. He’s a true alpha and that was on display all against the G-Men.

I think the foot is fine.

Winner: Kellen Moore

These aren’t necessarily ranked because if they were you could make an argument that Moore deserves the top spot. How did the Cowboys have all of this offensive potential sitting behind Scott Linehan? Kellen Moore utilized motion, RPOs, and everything under the sun against the Giants, and it was a pleasure to watch.

Winner: Jason Witten AND Blake Jarwin

All they do is catch touchdowns against the New York Giants. The Cowboys have two very capable tight ends and saw touchdowns from both of them. Is that good?

These are good times.

Winner: Randall Cobb

He would have been in here for this play alone, but Randall Cobb had quite the Cowboys debut.

This is a physical slot receiver. Those are pretty rare in today’s NFL.

Winner: Ezekiel Elliott

He wasn’t asked to do much, but Ezekiel Elliott kept the New York Giants honest on Sunday and that’s a big deal. He’s the highest-paid running back in the NFL and he provided a spark when called upon. That’s important.

Feed him.

Winner: Jason Garrett

There was a lot to like from Kellen Moore and Dak Prescott on Sunday, but some credit needs to be given to the head coach. Jason Garrett has had his flaws during his time leading the Cowboys, but on Sunday his master plan seemed to come together.

Loser: The Hot Boyz

It was not the best afternoon for the Cowboy defensive line group as they didn’t get after Eli Manning as much as people likely thought they would have before the game. A win is a win, but you want to see more from a group that has had a lot of hype to this point.

Loser: Jeff Heath

One-on-one against Saquon Barkley wouldn’t exactly make anybody a winner, but it was not Jeff Heath’s day.

Loser: The New York Giants

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants by a score of 35-17, and it was awesome.

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