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Report: Dallas Cowboys will resume discussions with Jason Garrett on Thursday

The waiting continues in Dallas.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday marked New Year’s Day across the world and a pretty big sports moment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The NHL’s Winter Classic took place at the Cotton Bowl (congratulations to the Dallas Stars!) and there were many a fan who thought that the in-town Cowboys might want to upstage things by dropping a big announcement. What do the Cowboys have to announce these days, though? Just who their head coach could may or may not be in 2020. That’s all.

Wednesday made sense for news because it was after Sunday. As you know the Cowboys season ended on the final day of the regular season as they failed to qualify for the playoffs. Another mediocre year has many believing that we have finally reached the end of the Jason Garrett era with the Cowboys, but meetings between the coach and Cowboys brass on Monday and Tuesday did not yield any change.

So when will the next meeting occur? What will be discussed? While we have no idea as to what Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, or Jason Garrett will say, we do know that they are scheduled to resume their conversations on Thursday.

Joey Tribbiani famously referred to Thursdays as the “third day” in a week (Friends is no longer on Netflix, sorry everyone) and perhaps it’s fitting then that the Cowboys and Garrett will meet for the third time this week on Thursday.

Will we get an answer? Will there be a press conference? Will the Cowboys do anything?

We’ll continue to wait and see.

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