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Report: Cowboys to hire former New York Giants tight ends coach Lunda Wells for same position

The Cowboys go in a different direction than some guessed for tight end coach.

New York Giants v New York Jets

This past weekend it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys were moving Doug Nussmeier to be the team’s quarterbacks coach under Mike McCarthy. Nussmeier has a history with Amari Cooper and has proven to be an interesting offensive mind, so there wasn’t anything to really be surprised about by this move; however, it did leave an opening on the staff.

You see Nussmeier was previously the Cowboys tight ends coach before his new job. With that position vacant, and an apparent answer to it staring everyone in the face, people started to connect some dots.

Of course, as everyone predicted, the Dallas Cowboys decided to hire Lunda Wells away from the New York Giants to be their tight ends coach. We were all right!

In all seriousness, Lunda Wells isn’t exactly the name that many people expected to see be the new tight end coach for the team. When Jason Witten returned from retirement after a year away in the MNF booth last season, it seemed as if coaching was in his future. With Jason Garrett as the team’s head coach it seemed inevitable for Witten to end up on the same staff. With Lunda Wells taking the job that made the most logical sense, what does that mean?

It’s worth noting that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald announced on Wednesday morning that he is returning to their team for another season in 2020 so now is in fact the time when decisions like that are happening. Could Witten be returning to the Cowboys to play next season? To coach or staff in a different role?

We will have to wait and see. Welcome aboard, Lunda Wells.

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