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Could former Dallas Cowboys assistant coaches follow Jason Garrett to the New York Giants?

Will New York become Dallas east?

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Things got a bit more interesting for the NFC East on Friday night when word came out that former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is set to be the new offensive coordinator for the New York Giants. That will surely make for two interesting games a year.

Change happens in the NFL. Coaches, players, and personnel staff are constantly moving and people have to swap out old hats and sweaters for new ones to match their current jobs. Such is the case for Jason Garrett and it soon may be for his new offensive staff with the Giants, too.

Considering that Jason Garrett coached for so long in Dallas is it possible that former offensive assistants of his could flock to work for him in his new home? It certainly seems more probable than not.

Bill Callahan

Since Jason Garrett was announced as the new Giants OC many have been talking about how long it has been since he called offensive plays (the last time was 2012). Obviously Garrett had offensive coordinators during his time as the Cowboys head coach and one of them was Bill Callahan.

Callahan helped the Cowboys build the offensive line that they still use today, but he also called offensive plays. Things soured for him in 2014 when the team turned to Scott Linehan (my how time flies) which made Callahan dispensable.

Ultimately Callahan defected to the Washington Redskins but there is already thought that he could join Garrett’s staff in New York. Times do indeed change.

Jon Kitna

When word got out that the Cowboys would not be retaining quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna there were a lot of fans upset about it.

Kitna was one of the big reasons why we all saw Dak Prescott take a huge leap his fourth NFL season. There’s no question that he clearly has an ability to work with quarterbacks and while the quarterbacks coach position with the Giants isn’t vacant, there is always room for some sort of assistant-type role for guys to come in if they have a specialty like this.

There is no question that the G-Men are going to be all-in on developing Daniel Jones. He is their future and if Jason Garrett truly believes that Jon Kitna is a whisperer of sorts to the most important position in the game then it makes sense that he would find a way to involve him with his new team.

Marc Colombo

Perhaps the most gut-wrenching departure from the previous staff for Cowboys fans was offensive line coach Marc Colombo. As you are likely aware Colombo came up through the organization as a player, assistant, and ultimately was promoted to the team’s offensive line coach role midway through 2018 when the Cowboys fired Paul Alexander during their bye.

Players love Marc Colombo (he was one not too far in the rearview mirror after all) and he really helped get the Cowboys offensive line back on track. The state of that group in New York has been a bit in question in recent years so it makes sense that it would be a priority for Jason Garrett to start addressing.

It’s worth noting again that Colombo played for Jason Garrett so a large amount of his experience in the NFL has come while playing for and coaching under him. Perhaps this name makes the most sense if Garrett, and ultimately Joe Judge, do want Colombo in the Big Apple.

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