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ESPN speculated that Jason Witten could follow Jason Garrett to the New York Giants... as a player

Jason Witten a Giant? Sounds pretty crazy, but it’s possible.

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

There are three games left in the NFL season and after that every bit of focus will be on the 2020 season. Of course, there are 28 teams already firmly moving in that direction and that includes every team in the NFC East. The Philadelphia Eagles won it but were bounced in the first round of the playoffs by the Seattle Seahawks and the other three teams all hired new head coaches.

The Dallas Cowboys hired Mike McCarthy which means that they moved on from Jason Garrett. What was speculated became official this past Friday night when Garrett left for another team that he played for in his career, the New York Giants. He is their new offensive coordinator.

There is a lot to wonder about what Garrett’s Giants will look like, but it’s possible that they may look something like the Cowboys. On Sunday morning we speculated here at BTB about some former Cowboys assistants that he could poach for his new offensive staff, but what if he goes further than that?

ESPN reported on Sunday morning that Jason Witten, who is technically a free agent, could follow Jason Garrett to the New York Giants... as a player.

When it was announced that the Cowboys would be going with Lunda Wells for their tight ends coach, coincidentally he is coming from the Giants, questions began to swirl as to Witten’s future. When the tight end returned to the Cowboys after a year in the Monday Night Football booth it felt obvious that Witten would one day turn in his helmet for a headset.

Of course, we all thought that it would be a headset on the sidelines of AT&T Stadium. Obviously it was possible that Witten could one day for coach for a football team that wasn’t the Dallas Cowboys, but with his buddy Jason Garrett as the head coach that move felt inevitable.

Perhaps they are close enough that Jason Witten would actually want to play for Garrett again. It’s hard to wonder how this could make sense for the Giants even with Garrett as they have one of the younger and more dynamic tight ends in the game on their roster in Evan Engram. Why would Witten want to go somewhere with an established player, somewhere where he had to start over completely?

Going to the Giants would be an odd move for Witten, but we’re talking about someone who went from the field, to the booth, and back to the field, only to watch his friend be dismissed. It’s been quite the two-year stretch for him, but could he possibly want for it to get even weirder in year three?

It doesn’t make sense.

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