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Cowboys and Jason Garrett to hold third meeting, speculation grows around what is going on

Just what are the Cowboys up to?

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

A third meeting between Jason Garrett and Jerry and Stephen Jones is reportedly going to happen later today. Now that we’re hitting a third meeting, speculation has gone beyond the simple question of whether Garrett would be back as head coach or not. It’s hard to imagine that issue couldn’t have been settled within one meeting, at the most two.

Yesterday we threw out some theories for Cowboys fans to vote on, and the winner is the idea that the Cowboys are trying to keep Garrett in some kind of front office position.

That theory seems to be gaining momentum with so many meetings going on.

The people over at Pro Football Talk are even floating the idea of some kind of co-head coach arrangement. They use Gary Kubiak as the example.

Here’s an idea: What if the Joneses are trying to find a way to keep Garrett around, but not as the head coach? What if (and I’m just spitballing) the Cowboys are considering hiring someone like Gary Kubiak to be the head coach, but with very narrow and specific duties given the health issues that caused him to stop being head coach of the Broncos three years ago?

Kubiak has rejuvenated Minnesota’s offense this year. Maybe Kubiak could do the same in Dallas, with Garrett occupying a new kind of job with a new kind of title, like simply “coach” to Kubiak’s “head coach.” Or assistant head coach. Or assistant to the head coach.

Or co-head coach. Maybe the Cowboys will be the second NFL team to have two head coaches (Greasy Neale and Walt Kiesling served as co-head coaches of the Steagles, a blended Eagles and Steelers team during World War II), with Kubiak installed a half-step above Garrett and with Garrett doing most of the heavy lifting that otherwise would be done by Kubiak.

That seems a little unwieldy, even Jerry Jones would probably balk at trying some that out-of-the-box. And Garrett might not want to take what would be essentially a demotion. Maybe there are other arrangements they could make to keep Garrett in some kind of coaching capacity, but it would seem like the more likely solution would be some kind of spot in the front office.

Of course, they may just be taking their time to clean everything up before Garrett’s departure.

Let’s hope he wasn’t trying to meet with any of these guys since they are going to be away for a bit.

The one thing the Cowboys have done really well in this whole scenario is keep it quiet. There have been virtually no leaks about what the discussions are involving Garrett and Jerry and Stephen.

Maybe later today all speculation will end and some clarity will prevail.

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