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Talks continue to touch on idea of Jason Garrett staying with the Cowboys in some capacity in 2020

Could it actually happen?

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are taking their time figuring out how to handle Jason Garrett; what they’re going to do could involve a number of things. We’ve talked about a number of theories here at BTB and one of them might be both the most difficult and easy to believe at the same time.

We know that Jerry Jones is the general manager of the Cowboys and has no plans to change that now, if ever. If you thought differently, consider what NFL Network’s Jane Slater noted on Thursday.

While the idea of general manager Jason Garrett is definitely far-fetched, we still could be looking at a world that keeps him around the team in some other sort of capacity. What kind? We can only guess.

But consider that these rumblings are coming from reliable reports like Slater, and as recently as Thursday morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter. In appearing on GetUp, Schefter noted that there is a “remote” possibility that Garrett stays as the team’s head coach but that the organization could find a way to keep him in the “family.”

Adam Schefter: You have to understand that the Joneses run the Cowboys like a family organization. They are a family organization. And Jason Garrett is a part of the family. And because he’s a part of the family, it’s hard to take him out of the family. This has gone on for so long, you wonder if they’re going to carve out a role for him to stay within the family somehow. I don’t think anybody believes that he’s staying on as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Mike Greenberg: That’s the important piece that I want to get here. The fact that this is taking as long, or as comparatively long, as it is, does not mean in your mind that there is a significant chance he comes back as head coach?

Adam Schefter: I was told there is a remote chance of that happening. Remote. So it’s not out of the question, you never know. But it’s not likely. It’s not the expected outcome. But I guess it can’t be completely dismissed.

It looks like we have a lot more waiting to do before we get an answer and that means there is only time to speculate and guess. One of these theories has to be correct... right?!

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