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Thursday night brought with it several different, and in some cases opposing, reports on Jason Garrett

What is going on with the Cowboys?!

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There are a lot of things happening with the Dallas Cowboys right now. Or maybe there aren’t.

The day began and seemingly ended like the three that preceded it. There was no update as it pertained to Jason Garrett being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, but then the evening hit and reports started to fly.

We’ve organized them in sequential order so as to sift through them as best we can. Let’s begin.

Yahoo reports that Jason Garrett is speaking with players as if “he’s still going to be with the Cowboys”

This is a pretty big piece of information, obviously. If Garrett were talking to players as if he were still part of the team that wouldn’t answer whether he was head coach or not, but it would corroborate the idea that many have suggested in that he could be taking on some sort of front office role.

According to multiple sources familiar with a handful of Garrett’s exit interviews, he conducted himself in the same manner as past seasons — thanking players for their contributions in 2019 and then talking about their offseason outlook. Several sources added that in some cases where players had expiring contracts, Garrett went as far as expressing that the Cowboys would have interest in the players returning in 2020.

“The interview confused [the player],” one source said. “[He] went in thinking it was going to be a goodbye and maybe he’d hear a ‘this is a business’ speech and it turned out to be more of a ‘good job’ and ‘see you later’ feeling. It’s normal to the point of being weird, given everything [he] was expecting.”

Added another source familiar with the exit interviews: “Jason is so myopic. I think he’s just doing his job like everything is normal because his contract hasn’t expired yet. He’s still under contract so he’s still doing his job like he normally would.”

We all know how robotic Jason Garrett can be. It makes sense that he’s simply doing his job the way he’s always done it because it his currently his job and therefore he must perform his job. That’s the Jason Garrett way.

The Yahoo report also mentions that not all veteran players have chosen to have exit interviews with Garrett. Could it be that they will eventually happen but are seemingly delaying it? Or are they fine not having them at all? We don’t know which veteran players those are but just know that 12 of them are in Las Vegas together at the moment.

NFL Network reports that a meeting may not have happened on Thursday and that one source has been told to go “radio silent”

Jane Slater has been on top of the Jason Garrett situation as anyone (she was the first to report that Garrett had not conducted all of his exit interviews yet) and she added an interesting level to all of this on Thursday night.

According to Slater, there is a possibility that Jason Garrett didn’t even meet with the Cowboys for another meeting on Thursday. What’s more is that according to her one of her sources has been instructed to go “radio silent.”

Why would the meeting (the third one so far) have not taken place on Thursday? There was no New Year’s, no Aspen where the Joneses reportedly celebrated it, no impediment of any kind stopping a get-together to discuss the state of the organization. Why didn’t the meeting happen? Why would someone need to go radio silent?

These are all good questions.

ESPN reports that the Jason Garrett era has concluded

Just when reports started to look like Jason Garrett could be sticking around with the Cowboys in dropped ESPN’s Ed Werder to add something else to the mix... something different.

Werder reported on Thursday night that the Cowboys have tried to handle this situation respectfully but that things with Garrett are concluding and that interviewing candidates (seemingly to be head coach) will start soon.

This is strange. Not even an hour after Yahoo’s report of Garrett’s potentially staying, not even 40 minutes after Slater’s report, Werder drops that the Cowboys and Garrett are in fact going to get divorced?

How could things be so polar opposite in such a close level of proximity?

The DMN reports that Jason Garrett did NOT meet with the Cowboys on Thursday

The final bit of news in this hour of craziness came from the Dallas Morning News as Calvin Watkins confirmed that Jason Garrett did not meet with Jerry and Stephen on Thursday.

Watkins mentions that he was told as of this evening (Thursday evening) so is it possible that there is a late night meeting happening? Are Jerry, Stephen, and Jason all going to talk this out deep into the night? What is there to even talk about - whenever they do meet - if it’s already been decided that he’s gone?

There are a lot of reports and no real word coming from the Cowboys themselves. Until that happens we are all going to live in mystery. It is obviously very strange that this situation has dragged on as long as it has and the longer that it does the more that even the most farfetched ideas will grow.

What do you think is happening? Why do you think all the confusion is happening?

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