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2020 NFL Draft: Five Senior Bowl prospects for Cowboys offense

A quick preview of some offensive prospects that might catch the Cowboys’ eye.

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Baylor vs Vandebilt Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

[The Senior Bowl will take place Saturday, January 25th, and that will be the first signal that draft season has officially begun. The Cowboys will undoubtedly have their eyes on several prospects, and the practices and game are great opportunities to get a closer look. The Senior Bowl is where the Cowboys first fell in love with Zack Martin. It was also the first glimpse most of us draft-a-holics got of the incomparable Aaron Donald. The Senior Bowl provides a stepping stone for many players to make their march toward the NFL.]

Last time out, we took a look at five defensive prospects that could be future Cowboys playing in this year’s Senior Bowl. Now, let’s focus on a few offensive prospects as the Cowboys could be looking to add a piece to the arsenal and you can never count out an offensive lineman.

OT Prince Tega Wanogho, Auburn (CBS Rank: 42)

Pros: Really beautiful the way this big guy can move. Very agile, athletic, and quick off the snap to lock on to his man. Has a basketball background which shows his lower-half fluidity. Uses his length well, plays with awareness, and can process very quickly. Shows power at the point of attack, has lower-half anchor ability, and can be a mauler with his competitiveness. Very capable starting left tackle for today’s NFL.

Cons: Still very raw and definitely needs a little refinement in putting all the pieces together. Hand-placement can be spotty at times and needs to work on balance. Though skilled in pass blocking, has a tendency to over-extend and that will give him trouble at the next level. Still has a lot of room to grow.

Projection: First Round

TE Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt (CBS Rank: 61)

Pros: Built for the punishment of the NFL with large frame. Great pass catcher and can extend like a receiver. Pretty elusive for a big guy. Really at his best making plays in traffic and boxing out defenders. Explosive as a blocker and uses his entire frame to his advantage. Natural hands, plucks the ball well, tucks it, and drives up field. Ability to stretch and abuse defenses with a balanced skill set.

Cons: Will need to develop as a route runner. His acceleration is average and he’s not likely to get huge YAC numbers. Needs technique work as a blocker and can look somewhat sloppy at times. Must learn to keep driving his feet as a blocker or NFL defenders will disengage him quickly.

Projection: Second Round

WR Tyler Johnson, Minnesota (CBS Rank: 64)

Pros: Among the top router-runners in the class. Johnson has great length and is a pretty balanced athlete overall. Strong enough to make contested catches and can hang on through contact. Very good tracking skills and knows how to set up the defender before the catch. Makes himself available in the red zone with solid release, will high-point the catch, and come down with two feet in. Surprisingly efficient when asked to block and possesses high football acumen.

Cons: Had an issue with drops and needs to sharpen his focus. His functional strength is a question mark. Though a good route runner, he has trouble being indecisive in his routes. He needs to learn how to not rely so heavily on his physicality and win with more precision. Could use some refinement in footwork as he sometimes looks to be doing too much.

Projection: Second-Third Round

WR Devin Duvernay, Texas (CBS Rank: 81)

Pros: Productive underneath receiver, led the nation with 103 receptions. His large hands make his catches look effortless. Though smaller, he’s stout to take on contact and win through contact. A phenomenal creator with the ball in his hands and has a surprising big catch-radius. An excellent slot option with explosiveness and athleticism.

Cons: Under-developed route runner. Looks as though he’ll need space to work and isn’t going to make contested catches often. A little tight when position his hips and is inconsistent as a blocker. Doesn’t offer much hope as an outside receiver and will need to stay between the numbers in the pros.

Projection: Third Round

OG Nick Harris, Washington (CBS Rank: 98)

Pros: Very skilled in run blocking and shows great athleticism at the second-level. Does a great job of using leverage though he’s on the smaller side. Great communicator and can identify defensive sets. Quick and nimble feet, great positional blocker on the move. He’s versatile enough with experience at center and guard. Could be a lead blocker in a run-heavy scheme. Most-skilled senior lineman and could be drafted earlier than projections.

Cons: Doesn’t have great length and though his punch is good, his reach is still worrisome at the pro level. Tendency to be impatient and play over his feet, making his susceptible to skilled pass rush moves. Can tell when he’s outmatched as he can get too aggressive and needs to work on discipline in technique.

Projection: Second - Third Round

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