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Report: Former Cowboys offensive line coach Marc Colombo to interview for same job with Giants

Jason Garrett looking for familiar faces.

NFL: DEC 16 Cowboys at Colts Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s middle to late January and in the NFL that means that coaching staffs are being finalized all over the place. Things are pretty hectic in the NFC East as three of the four teams within the division all changed head coaches.

The Cowboys are finally starting to see their staff come together which is very exciting. Of course, the New York Giants are also a squad that made some changes and one of them included bringing Jason Garrett in to be offensive coordinator. With something that significant it immediately made sense that Garrett would surround himself with some familiar faces in a new environment.

We speculated as to which assistants could follow Garrett to the Big Apple (and we got a surprising potential player that might do so as well) and our initial suspicions proved to be pretty on point. The Giants are reportedly going to interview Marc Colombo to be their offensive line coach.

Colombo doesn’t have a ton of experience coaching offensive lines in the NFL but he has grown up in the league under Jason Garrett so it makes sense for him to want to stick with what he knows. It was an easy dot to connect.

If the Giants are going to at all emulate the offensive success that the Cowboys have had recently then they’re going to need very good offensive line play. Colombo got the most out of a talented group in Dallas since he took over midway through the 2018 season after the Cowboys fired Paul Alexander, it is definitely possible that he joins the Giants and makes a strong impact.

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