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Dak Prescott discusses his new coach, Mike McCarthy, his other coach, Kellen Moore, and his contract

The Cowboys QB opened up about the changes in Dallas.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The NFL reigns king in the United States of America. It is unquestionably the country’s most popular professional sports league. What’s more is that the NFL’s global presence continues to grow. In parallel the Dallas Cowboys, one of the league’s 32 teams, have seen their personal brand reach unbelievable highs as it frequently tops the list of most valuable sports franchise in the world. This is incredible considering football clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, so on and so forth.

Since the Cowboys are so highly valued their stars are players who shine brighter than on other NFL teams. What’s more is that their main lead, their quarterback, generally serves as the face of it all. As you know, that person is Dak Prescott.

Dak Prescott might be considering this with his new contract

Everything that we have just mentioned is part of what makes Dak Prescott’s pending contract negotiations with the Cowboys so fascinating. He is the lead singer of this band and needs a new deal. He plays a position that seemingly sees players continually reset the market for highest-paid. Odds are he will likely be quite the wealthy individual sooner rather than later.

Speaking to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on the RapSheet + Friends Podcast at the Super Bowl, Prescott acknowledged that his position is a beneficial one.

“I’ve got confidence something will get done. We’ll just leave it there. Obviously being the Cowboys quarterback is second to none. There’s very few positions in all of sports that are comparable to it. So when you put that in mindset, or you put that in perspective, my mindset is to be in Dallas. And I’ve got the confidence in my team to get something done and the confidence in the Cowboys that we’ll be able to.”

It’s possible that this is all fluff influenced by the neon colors of Miami, Florida, but it is also possible that Dak truly feels this way. As he noted there are very few positions in sports that bring with them the ability to become a worldwide sensation like he has as quarterback of America’s Team.

Rapoport and Prescott discussed other matters during their chat. As you can imagine the subject of his new head coach, Mike McCarthy, came up and the quarterback sounded optimistic.

“We definitely spoke. Just quick feel each other on the phone. Excited. Excited for him to lead our team. He’s got a Super Bowl. And any time a guy comes into a locker room... But when a guy has that, he comes into the locker room to lead, people want to follow. We want to follow because he has something and he knows how to get something that we want. So with that being said that’s enough. Excited that he kept Kellen Moore on and excited for the other guys that are coming part of the change.”

Dak expanded on why he was a fan of keeping Kellen Moore on as offensive coordinator.

“Obviously I supported it. I’m excited for it. The step that we took as an offense last season, not necessarily it didn’t correlate to wins like we wanted to, but we were able to do some things and take a step in the right direction. And I think keeping Kellen as the OC just allows us to grow even more and take another step off of that. I’m just glad that he made that decision. Kellen’s going to be really good for a long time.”

These are good things to hear from Dak as we prepare for the NFL-wide offseason. The microscope will be squarely fixed on the Cowboys as they have huge contracts to figure out and an offseason to get the team back on track.

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