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Spice up your party with this fun and exciting Super Bowl Challenge game sheet

Want to add more life to your Super Bowl party? Look no further than this exciting challenge sheet that will keep your guests interested the entire game!

49ers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl XLIV Live zone Photo by Eduardo Munoz/VIEWpress/Getty Images

Back in the ‘90s, fans of the Dallas Cowboys got spoiled as the league’s biggest game of the year featured our team not only playing in February three times, but bringing home the Lombardi trophy each time. Those were such wonderful times.

The Super Bowl was a big deal back then, so when the 1996 season rolled around and the Cowboys weren’t playing in it, I didn’t know what to do with myself. The game just didn’t have the same meaning since I no longer had a dog in the fight. That year I managed to generate a little excitement by creating a little game sheet that kept me and my friends interested, despite none of our teams participating in the big game. In that instance, my Super Bowl Challenge was born.

Over the years, this little challenge sheet has transformed quite a bit. It started out as a type of “bingo” game, but then evolved into some of the most interesting questions I could come up with. Most of the questions are related to the actual game itself; however, there are also questions that have to do with other things like commercials being aired or songs that some of the performers will be singing.

The diversity of the challenge sheet has sparked a lot of interest of those who aren’t necessarily die hard football fans. Our party has grown in size, including many of our spouses who love the excitement the challenge sheet adds to the party. It’s also a huge hit at my place of employment as it makes a fun little office pool that has awarded prizes to the top scorers. Every year, I get many requests for this game sheet, including some spanning all over the globe.

This game has been a regular Super Bowl tradition for my friends, co-workers, and those living in my community, and I hope to share the same experience with you. Here is this year’s challenge sheet:

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