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Multiple reports: Cowboys have informed Jason Garrett he’s out as head coach, team now moving on

Per multiple outlets, the Cowboys have told Jason Garrett he is out.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It has officially been one week since the Dallas Cowboys season ended. That has really been the only official thing over the last week, though. Every day since the Cowboys began their offseason the world expected to hear an announcement of sorts that the team was moving on from Jason Garrett. That didn’t come from the Cowboys, but it did come from SportsCenter on Thursday night.

A few days later, Sunday evening to be precise, a report emerged from a different outlet. FOX’s Jay Glazer took to Twitter to announce that it was official that the Cowboys and Garrett are parting ways. ESPN’s Adam Schefter corroborated the report as did NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

“Hey guys Jay Glazer here with the NFL on FOX. A little breaking news here... Dallas Cowboys have informed Jason Garrett he is out as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. It’s official now. Dallas Cowboys have moved on from Jason Garrett as their head coach.”

This has seemingly been a matter of when, not if, so all of these reports have not technically been wrong; when the Dallas Cowboys themselves officially announce that they are moving on they will all prove to be correct. The team has been taking their time for reasons that nobody has been able to understand.

For what it’s worth, Glazer did sort of explain (or at least describe) what was going on in a FOX hit early Sunday morning. In addition to noting that Garrett was lobbying to keep his job he also reported that the Cowboys visit with Mike McCarthy went very well and also dropped Mike Zimmer again (Zimmer’s Vikings advanced to the Divisional Round on Sunday).

“Never seen anything like it. Because Jason Garrett, they’ve gone through it now a couple of times this week to say ‘Ok, you’re out as our head coach.’”

“He says ‘Hold on! Hold on! Don’t do it yet. I still want to be considered for this.’ And every time they do it, so they said “We’re moving on, we’re starting to interview other people.’”

“Friday night, they interviewed Marvin Lewis. They first want to just defensive head coaches. Yesterday they interviewed Mike McCarthy.”

“That went so well I’m told Mike McCarthy is actually still there, spent an extra day in Dallas. Then they’re looking at Mike Zimmer if he was out after this game in Minnesota. But again they still have to tell Jason Garrett ‘No, you’re gone. We’re moving on.’ Never seen anything like it.”

With multiple NFL insiders of this quality reporting the move it appears as if it can finally be put to rest.

All the best to Jason Garrett. May he find success in his next venture.

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