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Mike McCarthy seems to be a fan of Kellen Moore, but will he keep him as offensive coordinator?

It’s time for Mike McCarthy to build a Cowboys staff.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Now that the Dallas Cowboys have found their new head coach, it’s time to turn our attention to who he will hire for his staff. We already have some speculation about a possible move on defense, but Cowboys fans will certainly be curious about the fate of first-year offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Not everything was perfect for Moore in his first year, but there was certainly evidence that he could be a big-time success in this league.

Mike McCarthy is know as an offensive coach and he might take over a lot of the duties such as play-calling, but he will still need an offensive coordinator. Could Moore fit that bill?

There is one piece of intriguing evidence that McCarthy is a fan of Moore. Earlier we pointed you to an in-depth video where McCarthy discussed a wide range of topics that he looked at while sitting out the 2019 season. That is something we definitely recommend you watch.

In conjunction with that, came this other piece of information from the Peter King interview. King asked McCarthy to share some of his favorite plays from the 2019 season. It just happened to be that one was a Kellen Moore play.

It’s basically an RPO that used personnel grouping, formation and Ezekiel Elliott play-action to create an easy pitch-and-catch from Dak Prescott to Amari Cooper. King also notes that McCarthy plans to add more motion concepts to his offense. Motion is a specialty of Moore, so there definitely seems to be some overlap there.

Of course, McCarthy has a long-history of coaching relationships in the NFL and may want someone he is very familiar with to be his offensive coordinator in Dallas. On the other hand, Moore is intimately familiar with the personnel in Dallas and was able to create an explosive offense last year. That may intrigue McCarthy.

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