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2020 NFL Free Agency: Will Mike McCarthy as head coach help the Cowboys keep Randall Cobb?

The new coach is very familiar with the Cowboys 2019 slot receiver.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

There is a new man in charge of the Dallas Cowboys and his name is Mike McCarthy. Things have been moving fast at The Star in Frisco, and while the reality is that there is a new head coach in town, there is also still an offseason that lies ahead of us.

Mike McCarthy will obviously have a huge say in what the Cowboys do in the draft (a new head coach and a first-round pick this year, we are spoiled!), but he will also be a big part of what the Cowboys do in free agency. So much of what the Cowboys will do there will involve their own players like Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, but one of the soon-to-be free agents out of The Star is one of McCarthy’s old players, Randall Cobb.

Could Mike McCarthy help the Cowboys keep Cobb?

Prior to joining the Cowboys in 2019, Randall Cobb had literally spent his entire career (save for the end of the 2018 season) under Mike McCarthy. He knows him as well as a player can.

Cobb is someone who Cowboys fans have grown to really like, and if this offense is going to continue to grow under their new head coach, things would certainly be easier with Randall Cobb in tow.

Considering the long history between Cobb and McCarthy during their days in Green Bay together, the latter being in Dallas has to help the team’s odds of keeping the receiver... right?

These are two strong dots to connect on their own, but it makes even more sense that Cobb would be back in 2020 when you factor in the overall state of his career and life.

This upcoming season will be Cobb’s 10th in the NFL. He and his family just moved to the Dallas area a year ago and are adding to their family. It makes all the sense in the world that he would continue on in the role he had with the Cowboys last season and with everything else lining up, including his former head coach now in charge at The Star, there are all the more dots to continue to connect.

Randall Cobb and his wife are good people and ultimately we all want them to experience happiness and success wherever they choose for him to play and them to live. Ideally that would be in Dallas and that Mike McCarthy would want to keep a familiar face around.

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