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UPDATE II: Giants going with Joe Judge as new coach, Jason Garrett could interview for offensive coordinator

Maybe Jason Garrett is going to end up in NY after all.

Saints v Giants X


Maybe Jason Garrett will be in NY as the offensive coordinator.


We have an update from Adam Schefter that makes all the speculation in the original article below obsolete.

When the possibility of the Cowboys parting ways with Jason Garrett started to get serious traction, there was also speculation of where he might go in that eventuality. One of the destinations brought up was the New York Giants considering Garrett had played there for a few years in the early 2000’s. Of course, for that to even be considered the Giants would have to part ways with Pat Schumer, which they did.

Still, there was one big hurdle to Garrett getting consideration from the Giants and that was Matt Rhule. Ever since they fired Schumer, Rhule has been the number one option for the Giants; he was the guy they desperately wanted. Rhule had coached for the Giants for a year and was well-liked by the organization and he was also a New York native. It looked like a perfect match. Until the Carolina Panthers stepped in.

The Panthers have agreed to a deal for Rhule to be their head coach. The Giants lost their man and will now have to look elsewhere. Could they look Jason Garrett’s way? A report from yesterday indicated the possibility.

Jason Garrett, recently (and finally) out of the picture with the Cowboys, is a fallback option the Giants will consider — but only if things go sour with Rhule, The Post has learned.

Well, things have definitely gone sour with Rhule. Now the Giants will interview Garrett.

This will be interesting. The Cowboys could end up playing against their ex-coach two times a year. And while many Cowboys wanted Garrett gone from the organization, we have to remember that Garrett has dominated games against his NFC rivals in recent seasons and would know the Cowboys personnel like the back of his hand.

Would you be concerned or happy to see Garrett in New York?

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