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Jason Garrett showed total class when Dak Prescott was injured

The former Cowboys head coach showed he is still a man of high character.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Do you think Jason Garrett had ever even seen the visitor’s locker room at AT&T Stadium?

This is something I was thinking about all of last week. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that during the stadium’s construction or on some random tour at one point that he had to have. He presided as the Dallas Cowboys head coach for nine years in that building so surely at one point he saw what the other team does when getting ready to play an NFL game.

If somehow he had never seen what it had to offer he finally got a chance to on Sunday as the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants. We all knew that this day was coming from the time that he joined the G-Men. While Dallas and New York (shockingly) did not meet on Sunday Night Football in Week 1, the reality was that the team’s former top staffer returning to his longtime NFL home was always going to be a big story.

Jason Garrett was pure and total class amid Dak Prescott’s injury

Predictably, more because of the Cowboys’ own deficiencies, Jason Garrett’s offense shined more on Sunday than it had at any point this season. The Giants came to AT&T Stadium with three offensive touchdowns to their name on the season, zero in the last two weeks combined, and matched that performance against America’s Team (they also added on a defensive score).

All of that is behind a haze of fog in our minds. Even though the Cowboys won and are in first place in the NFC East, quarterback Dak Prescott is lost for the season. The moment that he got hurt was a jarring one to watch unfold and the fact that Jason Garrett was on the opposite sideline, with Tony Romo calling the game from the booth at that, made it all the more surreal.

Players from both teams ran out to offer their well wishes to Dak Prescott, but so did multiple coaches. Jason Garrett is the only coach that Dak Prescott has ever known prior to this season, the coach that drafted and helped groom him, and in that moment of fear there were no longer team colors or logos. There was a unified sense of concern and worry among everyone fortunate enough to have worked with Dak. In short, Jason Garrett was the person that we have always seen... pure and total class.

There is no question that Jason Garrett didn’t get the job done as the head coach of this team, but who he has been as a person throughout his entire tenure with the team has never been up for debate. He is a man of high character and quality and his behavior during Dak’s worst moment exemplifies that.

Of all the qualities that Jason Garrett possesses compassion and respect for those he worked with and for was never absent among them. Sunday was an emotional day for a lot of people with his return, the team’s continued disappointing starts, Dak’s injury, and the win in spite of it all.

All the respect in the world to Jason Garrett for treating it all the way he always has.

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