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Report: Dak Prescott’s timetable for recovery is 4-6 months

We now have a more solid understanding of Dak Prescott’s future.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

From the moment the television broadcast showed Dak Prescott sitting on the turf with his right foot turned at an unnatural angle, it was obvious he had suffered a very serious injury. That was confirmed after the game when it was revealed he had suffered a compound fracture with a dislocation.

The injury was bad enough that Prescott was sent to the hospital before the game had even ended where surgery was performed last night. After the initial shock of what happened began to wear off for Cowboys fans, thoughts turned to Prescott’s future and how long would he be out. We now have our first inkling of the timetable Prescott will be up against.

Prescott had a successful surgery and will be discharged from the hospital later today. As Jane Slater notes, the initial prognosis for recovery is four to six months. That timetable seems to show that this was a very serious injury, confirming what we all saw on the television broadcast.

Four to six months puts his return to football activities in the February to April months of 2021. Prescott has been an iron man in his time in Dallas, he has never missed a game until the game he will miss next week. Given what we know about Prescott, he will be committing everything to his recovery.

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