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The Dallas Cowboys are still favored to win the NFC East in spite of Dak Prescott’s injury

Shout out to the NFC Least.

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have as many wins as the rest of their NFC East competitors do combined. Given that the Cowboys have experienced victory only twice this season and that we are entering Week 6, this is rather embarrassing for the division.

You are obviously aware at the punchline that the league’s most storied division has become in recent memory and such is the case here in 2020. It is impossible to know for sure, but it sure does seem like even going .500 might be enough for a couple of hats and t-shirts around Christmas time.

It is hard to figure out what most Cowboys fans want from this season as where we are now is so discombobulated. Winning is always nice but it is hard to envision legitimate postseason success for this team in general given what we’ve seen over the last month and change, and such is especially true with a different quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys are still favored to win the NFC East in spite of Dak Prescott’s injury

We all know that the Cowboys will be without their franchise quarterback for the remainder of this season which means that things will rest on the shoulders of Andy Dalton. While this is obviously not ideal there is no doubt that the team was more prepared for the proverbial worst case scenario than they have been in seasons past.

Dalton has never won a playoff game himself but oddsmakers think that he will have an opportunity to do so with his new team. According to our friends at BetOnline, the Cowboys are still favored to win the NFC East in spite of changing people at the game’s most important position.

Odds to win NFC East at Week 6

With all due respect to Washington and New York, this is obviously going to come down to Dallas and Philadelphia. If the latter can’t find a way to get this thing done when their top opponent’s most important piece is gone for almost 75% of the season then there are going to be some upset people in the City of Brotherly Love.

Dallas will visit Philadelphia in two weeks and we will likely get to see which of these teams is more motivated to win another division crown. It is worth mentioning that the Eagles are reigning NFC East champions and that no team has repeated as division winner since they did in 2004.

Who’s odds do you like the most?

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