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Report: Cowboys players discontent with coaching staff, “they just aren’t good at their jobs”

It looks like frustration is starting to grow for the Cowboys players, and they are starting to vent.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Things are rather tense with the Dallas Cowboys at the moment as they are coming off of yet another humiliating loss on the season, this one on the stage of Monday Night Football with the entire world watching. Six games in to both this season, and the Mike McCarthy era, there is very little to feel promise about regarding a group that many thought would challenge for a Super Bowl in the near future. The idea of that is obviously hilarious in our present moment.

Of course, it should be said that the Cowboys are dealing with a variety of injuries that have taken away many significant players on their team, notably quarterback Dak Prescott The going is getting tough for the Cowboys, and recent history shows that when that is the case things tend to only get worse and unfortunately it feels like that is starting to happen.

Cowboys players are reportedly discontent with the coaching staff, one said “they just aren’t good at their jobs”

With Monday’s loss leaving a fresh wound there seems to be some finger-pointing happening with America’s Team. You can certainly argue that there is blame to go all the way around, but it seems that the players are directing it purely to the coaching staff. NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported on Monday afternoon that there is “discontent” among the players and that they had some choice words about their coaching staff.

There is clearly a lot wrong with the Cowboys culture at the moment and it’s not something that you can bring back from injured reserve. The fact that we are starting to hear reports like this so early into the Mike McCarthy era is certainly troubling, but again, the players should be held accountable as well.

Who do you blame? Do you agree with these players that the coaching staff just “aren’t good at their jobs” or do you think they’re trying to compensate for their own failures?

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