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The Dallas Cowboys are STILL favored to win the NFC East despite Monday night’s debacle

Somebody has to win it.

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We are going to learn a lot about the NFC East this week, although that is certainly not something that people are currently seeking knowledge on. Still, though, if you were unaware it should be said that the New York Giants visit the Philadelphia Eagles this week while the Dallas Cowboys will travel to face the Washington Football Team.

After visiting our nation’s capital the Cowboys will travel to the City of Brotherly Love in a game that is going to be played on Sunday Night Football. Surely the thing that everybody needs in their lives at the moment is more primetime pigskin from the NFL’s most storied division.

The subject of jokes all around the league, reality is that at season’s end the NFC East is going to have a champion one way or another. The group has five collective wins through six weeks of the season, three of which have come in games against one another, and despite how absolutely broken they looked on Monday night, the Cowboys are somehow still favored to win this thing.

The Dallas Cowboys are STILL favored to win the NFC East despite Monday night’s debacle

It is extremely difficult to find a point of optimism on this current Cowboys team, but nevertheless there are people who have found a way to squint hard enough to see one. Those people happen to be the fine folks over at BetOnline and according to them the Cowboys are the favorites to win the NFC East this season. Seriously.

It’s not like the Cowboys are overwhelming favorites to win the NFC East at the moment, but still, the fact that they would be the clubhouse leaders is utter insanity. Such could only be true in this season where they were embarrassed in front of the world, fell to 2-4, and still are managing to be in front of every single one of their division rivals.

Dallas and Philadelphia are the only teams here to squeak out wins against non-division teams as the former beat the Atlanta Falcons and the latter the San Francisco 49ers. There are still many games to play between all of these teams, as evidenced by the next two weeks, which are really going to be the only way that any one team is going to be able to put up a sort of respectable amount of wins.

We still have 10 games (at least) to go this Dallas Cowboys season and how they do is going to continue to tell us a lot about who they are as a group. If they won the NFC East in hollow fashion because the division was that bad then that wouldn’t do a whole lot for optimism, but perhaps things can change between now and then.

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