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Mike McCarthy press conference: Cam Erving’s knee is healed, could work into practice

The Cowboys coach answered more questions.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Mike McCarthy has had a rough go of it early on in his Cowboys career. And when you’re an NFL head coach, you don’t get to hide from it. You have to answer questions, so McCarthy did just that. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Dealing with injuries

McCarthy said that you always have to stay on course with what the expectation is for your team. He noted that you obviously put together a plan based on what your current circumstances are, but that the expectation is to win this week.

Addressing the anonymous report

McCarthy didn’t exactly address whether he addressed the anonymous report that players are discontented with the coaches. He noted that he always takes advantage of every opportunity to teach and to make clear what their expectations are of the team, especially being in their fist year together.

Cam Erving is expected to practice

It has been reported that backup tackle Cam Erving has been under the weather, but McCarthy said that he is healed from his knee injury and expected to practice.

Leighton Vander Esch

McCarthy said that LVE came out of Monday night clean and will have his work ramped up.

Justin Hamilton at defensive tackle

Coach thought he played very well for his opportunities. He said he did it the way they want it done. As for his reps going forward, coach said they will see how the plan shake out this week, but that he did a nice job.

Dealing with injuries

Asked for a season that felt similar to him as far as dealing with injuries, McCarthy referenced the obvious 2010 Green Bay Packers season where his team won the Super Bowl. He also mentioned 2013 and 2017 when quarterback Aaron Rodgers missed significant time. He did add that it’s hard to compare this season to any other given the challenges presented by Covid-19.

Addressing Ezekiel Elliot’s fumbles

Coach noted Zeke’s played a tremendous amount of football and has a high level of instinct and awareness. The most important thing to recognize, according to McCarthy, is the importance Zeke places on the issue himself. He added you see Zeke in the front row of all the meetings, and you hear his conversation to the team after the game. He said Zeke understands the points of pressure on the ball, it’s about focus.

Ezekiel Elliott’s comments after the game

McCarthy talked about how obvious it is that Zeke wants to win and is a leader for the team.

Zack Martin

McCarthy noted that Zack Martin is doing well but is still in the concussion protocol. He said that he’s in the building working through things.

Dak Prescott’s presence

Asked if Dak Prescott would be in any of the team meetings this week, McCarthy noted that Dak has been seeing the medical staff daily but that he doesn’t have a schedule for him.

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