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How confident are you in the Dallas Cowboys at the moment?

It’s hard to believe anyone is confident in the Cowboys right now.

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While emotions are far from the best way to measure success in sports, the reality is that we all have feelings and right now they are all rather low when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. Things are in an extremely weird place with America’s Team. The group is 2-4 and is inspiring in absolutely no way, but thanks to the shared ineptitude throughout the NFL’s most storied division, they sit in first place in the NFC East. You can only laugh.

Much will be determined in the division over the course of the next 10 or so days as the New York Giants will visit the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night, the Dallas Cowboys will visit the Washington Football Team on Sunday afternoon, and America’s Team will head to the City of Brotherly Love next Sunday night. 180 minutes of football will weave quite the tale.

Optimism wasn’t exactly high for New York, Washington, or Philadelphia (to a lesser degree) when the season started. It was for the Cowboys. Six weeks in and all of that has faded and all that’s left is a fan base with barely a pulse of confidence in the future.

Dallas Cowboys fans are at a season low in recorded confidence

We track how confident Dallas Cowboys fans are feeling every week at SB Nation using a tool called Reacts (you can sign up to be among those that contribute right here) and every week we see a point of confidence that fans of the team feel with regards to the future.

As you can see, Cowboys fans are at their lowest point of confidence in the team all season with an 8% level. They are actually the third-lowest among SB Nation communities (Jacksonville Jaguars fans sit at 7% while New York Jets fans are at 6%). It should again be said that Cowboys fans were expecting a very successful season so there is more room for drop-off, but even considering that, they have stumbled a significant ways down.

The thing about the Cowboys right now isn’t just that they’re losing or even that they’re getting embarrassed in humiliating fashion. They seem to be a broken organization and are at the point where reports of discontent are already emerging between the players and coaches only six games into the Mike McCarthy era. That is as red of a flag as there can be.

We’ve seen this movie before. We’ve watched the franchise quarterback go down with an injury and seen things reach a point where nobody can function without him. It is incredibly frustrating that only five years later the organization is repeating that same mistake with the same types of transgressions when it was such a painful lesson to learn, one some NFL teams find a way through.

Considering that the next two games for the Cowboys are against NFC East teams and therefore contests that they should be expected to win (you know, cause they’re the favorites to win the division and all) winning even those games will likely not put a ton of wind in the sails of confidence. Dallas needs to prove that they can respond to adversity and do something impressive and their next real opportunity to do that will be in Week 9 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What will happen between now and then? There is only 8% between here and the end!

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