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Mike McCarthy press conference: Updates on Aldon Smith, Zack Martin and Randy Gregory playing status

Coach tries to explain away the blues.

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The Cowboys are in a funk. Can they get out of it? Coach Mike McCarthy tries to explain how they will do that. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Aldon Smith status

Coach said he jammed his neck in the game and he will be limited today. They will see how it goes but coach doesn’t expect it to be an issue.

Zack Martin status

McCarthy said he is advancing through the protocol and he will be in the conditioning phase first, but no real but no update on his status.

Randy Gregory status

Coach noted he has looked good in practice and had a nice day yesterday, and they will see what he does in the padded practice today. As far as the 48 on Sunday, the week of prep will determine that, coach said. What jumps off the tape about Gregory is his athletic ability, his bend and twitch, coach said. Coach commented that he is a playmaker; he can play in space.

Why hasn’t the defensive line gotten more pressure?

McCarthy thinks that the type of games they have been playing, and their production on normal down and distance on first and second down, is an issue. He noted pressure comes on second and longs and third downs and that the opportunities have not been there for the pass rush.

Cam Erving status

Coach is hopeful he’ll be ready this week, they will do a bunch of work today. He noted Cam is another player coming back that they need to get through the week to determine their availability for the game.

Reggie Robinson’s development

McCarthy said he is getting better. but that the vehicle for him to play will be special teams first, that is the focus so far. He noted that safety is new for him and that he is closer to playing on special teams than safety.

Andy Dalton this week, and why didn’t he push the ball downfield more last week

Coach thinks Dalton has been excellent this week. He said the ability to throw downfield has to do with the defensive play, and the Cardinals played aggressively and had more pressure in the game and that was a factor. He wants to get the offensive line set so they get clean plays and are sound in protection, and know the hot receivers. He believes Dalton is outstanding with his pre-snap communication. He hopes they will be on the same page with better cohesiveness and and more reps this week.

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