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Report: Cowboys trading defensive end Everson Griffen to the Detroit Lions for conditional sixth

The Cowboys are making a trade for a draft pick.

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have fallen on rough times almost halfway through the 2020 season, and when this type of year befalls a franchise there are a few different ways that they can choose to navigate through it.

Obviously, the Cowboys could choose to try to make the best of their situation amid all of the injuries and losses that they are dealing with. The status of the NFC East certainly makes that option make sense on paper, but the Cowboys are obviously not a very good football team and their future seems to be the only thing worth salvaging.

It started to feel like the Cowboys were eyeing this sort of path on Monday when it was reported that they had been shopping defensive end Everson Griffen. Remember that Griffen signed with the team in training camp so he hasn’t been around all too long. The idea of moving someone who was ideally going to be the final piece for this pass rush is as much of a white flag as there can be.

Such became a reality on Tuesday afternoon. The Cowboys are in fact trading away Everson Griffen.

The Dallas Cowboys are trading Everson Griffen to the Detroit Lions for a 2021 sixth-round pick

Dallas signed Everson Griffen as a free agent so anything they get for him is technically coming out ahead. They aren’t getting much given the situation they are currently in, but they did find a taker for Everson in the Detroit Lions. Dallas is sending Griffen away in exchange for a 2021 sixth-round pick, although it could be a fifth-rounder if certain conditions are met.

Ultimately this is a win-win for the Cowboys as they are not going to be competitors this season after all and Griffen likely wanted out (he liked a tweet suggesting he be traded to the Buffalo Bills on Monday). What’s more is that the Cowboys have young pass rushers in Bradlee Anae and the recently-reinstated Randy Gregory that the snaps in a lost season will be more beneficial for. Again, this is salvaging the most out of a crummy situation.

Obviously it would have been nicer if the Cowboys had been able to get more for Griffen, but it is what it is. We wish him all the best and are excited to see more from the younger guys.

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