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Philadelphia Eagles DE Brandon Graham thinks trash talking Amari Cooper is a big deal

A Philadelphia Eagles players calling out a Dallas Cowboys player? Say it isn’t so!

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Things have gotten just a little bit better for the Dallas Cowboys over the course of the last few weeks as they seemingly put a halt to getting the doors blown off of them on a weekly basis. Celebrating “not losing in a gigantic manner” is among the hollowest of victories that there are in sports, but it is still nevertheless where we are with the 2020 version of America’s Team. From the time between the Cleveland Browns game through the road visit to Washington, there were some dark moments for the ‘Boys in silver and blue.

All of that sort of came to an end in Philadelphia. We saw a Cowboys team play a much better game. While this was encouraging for most, there is at least one person who seems to disagree with the idea that Dallas showed “fight” (shout out to you know who) while in the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham believes one member of the Cowboys exemplified a somber sort of attitude a couple of weeks ago.

Brandon Graham is proud of calling out Amari Cooper a few weeks ago

If you have been paying attention for the last two years then you know that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper is among the more quiet individuals throughout the entire National Football League. His actions on the field put him among the league’s best, but he is hardly a trash-talker.

Apparently, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham is unaware of this as in a recent conversation with ESPN he expressed a point of pride for yelling at Cooper throughout the game. Talk about hollow victories.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham is always on the hunt for his next mark, and as their Week 8 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys wore on, one emerged in wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Cowboys backup quarterback Ben DiNucci was struggling in his first career start. Graham noticed Cooper beginning to sag in the midst of an unproductive day (one catch, five yards), so Graham — an elite and relentless trash-talker — turned his attention to the star wideout, telling him he “might as well hang up the cleats” and “get ready for next week!” because his efforts were futile.

“I knew the rap sheet on him. His body language is bad, so when you see his body language [worsen] I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m about to get him.’ So I started talking to him,” Graham told ESPN, beginning to burst into laughter. “He was gone. He’s like, man, I can’t wait until Dak Prescott gets back. That’s the type of face he had.”

This article from the worldwide leader was meant to highlight how Graham is the smack-talker and “energy source” of the Eagles, but it’s not exactly clear how this is some sort of gigantic thing to take a victory lap over. It isn’t like Cooper is a generally loud player anyway.

Obviously the Dallas Cowboys lost the game in question, but to Graham’s point, they were operating with a rookie seventh-round pick in Ben DiNucci who was making his first start. Of course Amari Cooper missed Dak Prescott behind center in the game, even though he never actually said that to Graham. Cooper knows what it’s like to have an elite quarterback push his team to victory, something Graham’s squad is definitely not familiar with in our current times.

At the end of the day I am personally a fan of rivalry and trash-talking between teams, especially bitter division rivals. In that sense I am happy to see something about the Cowboys returning to normal, the thing being the Eagles talking without making any sense, as many people love to say, it is what it is.

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