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Cowboys draft watch: Week 10 rooting guide to land Dallas the highest possible pick

As Cowboys fans, we are rooting for certain things in Week 10.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are off this week, but even when they return there are a lot of people who don’t necessarily want to see them win. Shocking as it might seem to some, the group wanting to see the Cowboys lose these days is partly comprised of Cowboys fans. With the team having a 2-7 record and an injury list that is impossible to believe, conventional wisdom suggests that odds are far greater for 2021 than they are the present season.

This, of course, presents a conundrum of sorts as you don’t want to try to lose, you simply want to do so in a natural way - organic tanking. Ideally, the Cowboys have seven more games that are similar to their last contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers, a session that shows a lot of fight and improvement, but ultimately gets them closer to the top of the 2021 NFL Draft order.

Speaking of the upcoming draft, there are factors beyond the Cowboys control as well. While we would love to be sitting here talking about what we need to root for in order to see the Cowboys win the NFC East or land the top seed in the NFC, for the purposes of this discussion we are going to focus on what the Cowboys need in order to boost their top pick odds for next season.

Here is what the Dallas Cowboys need to boost their draft pick in Week 10

If the NFL season were to end today - it won’t - the Dallas Cowboys would hold the third overall pick in the draft.

There will be plenty of time to discuss, analyze, and debate over what we think the team should do with a pick such as this, but we want to have that opportunity which means that we need some things to happen besides the Cowboys continuing to naturally inch themselves towards the bottom of the standings. Players available at that spot are special and if there is a team wanting a quarterback then the Cowboys can trade out and pick up a bounty of selections.

So what are we going to be rooting for throughout Week 10 (besides your chosen field in The Masters)? It goes without saying that we want the teams in front of the Cowboys as far as draft order is concerned to win, plus we’d also like to see some dubayoos for those right below them so as to buy some room for error. That means we are rooting hard for the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants, Washington Football Team, and Houston Texans.

Houston doesn’t actually own the pick in question as it belongs to the Miami Dolphins, but nonetheless their performance will be what dictates the exact position of the pick. It is amazing how the NFC East currently has 75% of its teams in the top five of the draft order, but such is life in the NFL’s most historic division here in 2020.

Among all of these games, the most practical win possible is Houston over the Cleveland Browns. Our friends at Sports Betting Dime have them tied for the best odds of victory within this group as both the Texans and Giants are 3.5-point underdogs in their respective games. The others are far longer as you can imagine.

It would certainly be interesting as far as the division race to see Washington pull off a victory themselves against the Detroit Lions. There are many who seem to think that this is the Eagles’ division to lose, but they might actually lose this week to the aforementioned Giants. The last game between those two just a few weeks ago went down to the wire.

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