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The Cowboys will have decisions to make in the secondary come the 2021 offseason

How many of these defensive backs will be back?

Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Way back in 2017, the Dallas Cowboys decided it was time to re-make their secondary. That was the year they said goodbye to players like Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox. They headed into the draft and spent a second-round pick on Chidobe Awuzie, a third-round pick on Jourdan Lewis, and a sixth-round pick on Xavier Woods. Boom, instant makeover.

Now, they might have to do it again. All three of those players taken in the 2017 draft - Awuzie, Lewis and Woods - are scheduled to be unrestricted free agents this upcoming offseason. The Cowboys have already made some strides in bringing in young talent; Trevon Diggs looks like a keeper at corner, and Donovan Wilson is seeing some time at safety and doesn’t look too out of place.

They also picked up Reggie Robinson in the draft, but so far he has yet to see the field. Here was Jerry Jones’ take on him from a few days ago.

Why doesn’t Reggie Robinson play? With Trevon Diggs injured, will he see time at cornerback or is he strictly a safety

Jones: “The facts are that that needs to stay a question, just like you’re talking about. Young guy needs to be able to focus more. He needs less position flex activity, a younger guy. On the other hand, he has the ability to help us across the secondary. But your point is, sure, that’s what the loss of Diggs, the spot, the number coming available. That’s what it does to you, and you play those guys, and then those guys are all of a sudden just better for having played the game. I know you — why it doesn’t happen is because usually you think the situation is just not worthy of the mistakes that a young makes, And, so, you go to the experience side. It’s overall in the best interest of the team to play the inexperience overall. But you want the inexperience to not screw it up.”

That’s a word salad extraordinaire even for Jerry Jones. But what he seems to be saying is that Robinson just isn’t ready yet. Basically it sounds like he needs a red-shirt year.

Jones was also asked about Awuzie and Lewis.

What you looking for out of Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis for the rest of the year?

Jones: “Those are real — those are very pointed areas that we must look at. We must look at our style of play. We have to look at availability. We have to — we have changed to some degree what we expect a D-back to give us out there. All of that has really shows up and has shown up. This is when we take advantage of it. It goes right to a Robinson question or these guys that have more experience. Now, let me just say this. Both those guys you just mentioned, I can you tell you right now, if they’re healthy and available they need to be out there. They can help us make the plays we want to make down the stretch here.”

It’s interesting that Jones said we must look at the style of play. He seems to be saying there is a real debate about whether those two corners fit what the Cowboys hope to be doing going forward in their new defensive scheme.

Which brings us back to 2021 free agency. Are Awuzie, Lewis or Woods even worth putting up free agent money for? Obviously if they want to sign a cheap deal that is one thing, but should the Cowboys make a real play for them or wait to see if they are around in the second/third waves of free agency.

What’s your call BTB? Would you pursue any of those three to re-sign this offseason?

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