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Mike McCarthy press conference: Randy Gregory back, DeMarcus Lawrence still out but hopeful to play

Mike McCarthy drops in for his final press conference of the week.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It's Friday, and that means that Mike McCarthy gave his final press conference of the week. Let’s check on his final updates for the game against the Minnesota Vikings. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence

McCarthy started by noting that Randy Gregory is back with the Cowboys and that he is looking for him to progress on Friday. He added that DeMarcus Lawrence is not at The Star, but that everything is pointing towards him playing on Sunday in Minnesota.

Amari Cooper

McCarthy praised Amari Cooper and noted that he is working hard and is a steady contributor. He noted Cooper plays flanker and it’s a priority to get him opportunities.

Getting the first road win

McCarthy said the team is certainly looking for a win away from home and that is a threshold they need to cross, and that doing so is part of getting to where they want to get to.

Greg Zuerlein

Mike McCarthy talked about how having specialists that are trustworthy helps the team lean into certain points of aggressiveness because they trust that potential. He said he has seen that from Zuerlein all the way back to training camp. He noted the way he strokes the ball in practice and that it explodes off his foot nd that gives them confidence.

Protocol adjustments

The Cleveland Browns will be without pass rusher Myles Garrett this week (against the Philadelphia Eagles incidentally) due to Covid-19 restrictions. Asked if the process of keeping Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence away from the team (both players have been battling illnesses this week) was in relation to that sort of protocol the head coach noted that the Cowboys are certainly on high alert as they continue to navigate the climate that our world has been in for so long. He praised the team’s medical staff for assessing the situation and designing a process for them to operate effectively.

Chidobe Awuzie looks good

Thursdays are typically a heavier day for the Cowboys in terms of practice and McCarthy noted that the veteran cornerback looked good.

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