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Mike McCarthy press conference: Watermelons and sledgehammers, Anthony Brown, Greg Zuerlein injuries

Coach addresses the media after the Cowboys upset win.

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Cowboys got back in the win column by upsetting the Vikings in Minnesota. Coach Mike McCarthy talks to the press about the game and what it means for the team going forward. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes.)

Does Adam Thielen on COVID list affect anything?

Coach said he hopes it doesn’t mean anything on an individual player basis but that the team was already in intensive protocol and they will wait for information from the league.

Watermelons and Sledgehammers - McCarthy brought a sledgehammer and watermelons to the Saturday night meeting and smashed them representing them reaching their goals. Apparently it was a big hit with the players so he was asked a few questions about it.

Coach said he brought the sledgehammer with him and that’s the beauty of flying charters. He said they were trying to have some fun but also emphasize some objectives. He said it was all part of the messaging and that some players were involved. He noted he does put emphasis on the Saturday team meetings and likes to be creative and always looks for new ideas. He noted they brought the watermelons with them because they didn't know if they could find them in Minnesota this time of year.

Andy Dalton’s performance?

McCarthy said played very well and the team had the ability to stay with a healthy mix of run pass. He thought Dalton’s early completions served him well after having three weeks off.

Confidence in CeeDee Lamb

Coach said it goes back to first training camp practice and a conversation coach had with Dak, who told him about the workouts they had over the summer and how impressed he was with CeeDee. Coach noted he has fit right in from day one and he is very mature and talented.

Randy Gregory fewer snaps because of illness?

McCarthy said it had some to do with less practice this week but it’s also about playing everybody. too. Sometimes the flow of the game dictates it and the fact they were in base more than usual instead of sub packages also affected it.

Anthony Brown injury

McCarthy said Brown will give it a shot but they won’t know until tomorrow when they get on the field, he will have a better indication then.

Rashard Robinson’s play

Coach said he was a product of developing young players and that he earned the opportunity. He did some good things, he can run and is competitive. Coach noted he got turned around on a play or two but he will learn from that.

Connor McGovern between two vets

Coach said anytime you have a young player next to vets, it definitely helps. Those are things you look at when putting together a lineup, and that McGovern earned the opportunity and coach was please with the way he played.

Greg Zuerlein back injury

McCarthy said it happened on the run back of the kickoff before halftime but he looks oaky, and he doesn’t think he is in jeopardy of not playing.

Will Zack Martin stay at right tackle?

Coach said they will start that way this week and see.

Trevon Diggs return this year?

McCarthy thinks there is a chance he could come back but that he doesn’t have any update on his rehab.

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