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Week 12 Cowboys rooting guides: For both Team Tank and Team Win the NFC East!

What are you rooting for this Thanksgiving week?

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Things have changed dramatically for the Dallas Cowboys as a result of their first road win of the season. In the year 2020, three wins at Thanksgiving is enough to have you in the mix, and lo and behold, that’s where America’s Team is at the moment.

Perhaps you were firmly seated on the Tank Train a week ago and have considered changing your stance. It’s perfectly fine if that’s the case, you are allowed to have your emotions swayed by the chaos that is this season.

Of course, it is possible that you are still holding on to the hope that the Cowboys earn the highest possible draft pick. There is no wrong way to feel here, as noted this is an incredibly weird season that has had quite a few twists and turns.

We have put together rooting guides depending on where you fall, but this week that idea challenges fandom in a different way as you have to more actively root against the Cowboys (this time in a literal sense) to net a higher draft pick and ensure that someone else wins the NFC East as Dallas hosts the Washington Football Team on Thanksgiving.

Interestingly Team Tank and Team Try to Win have a crossover point this weekend and that is with the Cincinnati Bengals hosting the New York Giants. Cincinnati is currently higher in the draft order than Dallas and they happen to be playing a team that is a threat to the Cowboys winning the NFC East in the New York Giants. A win is a win for both ideas here.

What are you rooting for?

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