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Jerry Jones defended Ezekiel Elliott and Jaylon Smith, saying he is fine with the resources put there

Jerry has spoken.

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The Dallas Cowboys are coming off of a humiliating Thanksgiving Day loss against the Washington Football Team and needless to say, people are upset.

A lot of this season’s brokenness can be attributed to the fact that the Cowboys have run into some awful luck. There have been far too many injuries to count and the fact that it is all happening in Mike McCarthy’s first year with the club, a season that he's had to navigate all of the challenges presented by COVID-19, certainly have not made things easier.

Part of the issue this season has centered around how certain players are not living up to the contract extensions that the organization previously gave them. Two of these examples are Ezekiel Elliott (who fumbled again on Thanksgiving) and Jaylon Smith (who actually played alright on turkey day).

Jerry Jones has been asked repeatedly about these players and continues to not just believe in them, but heap overwhelming praise on them. He did it again on Friday morning.

Jerry Jones said he would not devote the resources going towards Ezekiel Elliott and Jaylon Smith elsewhere even if he could

Again, there are a lot of Cowboys fans who wish they could fire up the DeLorean and stop the team from handing out the deals that they did to both Elliott and Smith. This isn’t to speak ill about them as people, but the business of football is a business, and some decisions are obviously not great ones.

Jerry Jones continues to not feel that way. Speaking on 105.3 The Fan on Friday morning, he spoke with incredible pride about both players and said that even if he could, he would not trade the resources spent on Elliott and Smith for anything else.

“Well I like what we’ve spent and what we done even going all the way back to picking him on Jaylon Smith. That’s been a home run. He’s everything and more we thought he could be coming back from the injury when we got him in the second round. He was on the first round board. So that’s, that is absolutely a winner.”

“I’ve said this before. Zeke is, our best player. He certainly, yesterday, would, he was up against a tough situation with where we are. But still, I like both those players. I think we’re lucky to have both of those guys.”

“I wouldn’t take the resources. I would not take those resources that I’m putting there and trade not having those guys for those resources. I would not do that.”

Jerry is as Jerry does. He is going to continue to be Jerry Jones no matter what, but these type of comments are not doing either Ezekiel Elliott or Jaylon Smith any favors. Jerry is seemingly only magnifying the spotlight of criticism that they have to face every time he goes over the top like this.

There is a lot of data to support the idea that paying a running back or an off-the-ball linebacker is not the most financially sound decision that a football team can make. Fans aren’t unaware of this, and Jerry trying to flash smoke and mirrors in front of them only leads to more frustration.

Of course, Jerry is going to defend his players. That is truly the Jerry Jones way. It is obviously appreciated by those that play for the Dallas Cowboys, but it creates the tension that is being felt when the team is not performing well.

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