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Play of the Game: Amari Cooper shined on Thanksgiving Day

Is Amari Cooper heating up?

While they may have wound up losing, the biggest play of the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day matchup with the Washington Football Team came early in the second quarter.

On 1st and 10 the Cowboys came out with two tight ends, allowing them to run an 8-man protection and take a shot deep.

Amari Cooper lined up on the right side of the formation. He released outside and ran a good route against cornerback Ronald Darby. The two were neck and neck until they looked back for the ball. Cooper kept up his speed while Darby slowed down. As a result, Cooper gained separation.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton dropped back and found Cooper streaking down the sideline. Dalton threw a great ball, hitting Cooper in stride for a 54-yard touchdown! Not to mention the fact that Tony Pollard threw a huge block.

This was a huge play that gave the Cowboys a 10-7 lead. It was also this week’s Cowboys Play of the Game. Unfortunately Dallas lost, but it is hopefully indicative of some brighter days being ahead.

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