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Sunday in Philly was actually one of the better performances we’ve seen from Mike McCarthy’s staff

Looking for that silver lining for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys lost on Sunday, their third game in a row where we were all disappointed at its end. Obviously in a season where so much has been lost there isn’t a lot to say at this point. They are bad.

But the latest Cowboys floundering wasn’t their most incompetent game of all time, or this season for that matter. For much of the contest in the City of Brotherly Love, considering their opponent wasn’t all to great for full context, the Cowboys were somewhat of a normal football team. That’s progress.

It is important that we manage expectations and set the proper context. We are unfortunately at a point with the Dallas Cowboys that not looking like a total disaster is improvement, but baby steps and what not. A small leap was taken in Philadelphia and it would certainly help if bigger steps are on the horizon.

The Cowboys were not a total disaster against the Eagles, progress!

Imagine a world where the Cowboys and Eagles play each other a total of 16 times. That would be awful to watch obviously, but it would be one of the best opportunities that the former would have to generate a record worthy of postseason play.

Mike McCarthy and his staff have certainly been dealt a hand that nobody foresaw, but they showed signs of stability against the Eagles, particularly on defense. The idea of this has seemed impossible for far too long.

Let’s consider first of all that the Cowboys defense played with a measurable level of energy. The Cowboys defense had some pride in themselves (it didn’t hurt that Carson Wentz boosted their confidence a lot) which might be an indication that the overall message is no longer falling on deaf ears.

Players like DeMarcus Lawrence, Leighton Vander Esch, and Trevon Diggs all had relatively outstanding games on that side of the ball. Randy Gregory continued to show reasons for optimism and Aldon Smith hung out a bit. There were unquestionably defensive players that weighed the group down, we don’t have to say that for the who knows what time, and until all of that is properly fixed there will be reason for skepticism, but it was nice to see the defensive leaders be who many have challenged them to be for almost half of a season.

While the Cowboys are touchdown-less in their last two games, it was an impressive effort that Kellen Moore showed. He didn’t do anything remarkable, but there was certainly no lack of try. The Cowboys emptied the bag as far as razzle-dazzles is concerned and for the most part they were hanging around the game. It’s almost like playing with a rookie seventh-round pick from JMU at the most important position is a factor that is extremely difficult to overcome.

The Cowboys are still making some curious decisions as a staff like continuing to play certain players (we’re focusing on optimism here!); however, this is the most encouraging feeling about the staff after a game this year... which says more about the previous games than it does this one.

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