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Mike McCarthy press conference: Some concern about Ezekiel Elliott’s hamstring; no QB decision yet

Coach Mike McCarthy addresses the media.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Friday, time for the final press conference of the week. Coach Mike McCarthy addressed the media before the Cowboys host the Steelers on Sunday. Let’s check in on what he had to say. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

QB decision?

Coach said they are still working through the process, but most importantly they want to makes sure both players are ready. He conceded the reps aren't equal in practice but he didn't want to get into specifics. He said they learned from last week.

Any chance of alternating QBs?

Coach said they will not alternate QBs, they will give one guy the football and tell them to run with it.

Zeke’s hamstring

McCarthy said that Zeke did not do as much as anticipated yesterday, they will take tomorrow and warm him up on Sunday to see if he is full go. Later coach said they are trying to be smart with his hamstring and that he feels better today but that the work tomorrow will tell them a lot, and they will take it to pre-game warmup.

When asked later, coach said Zeke hurt the hamstring chasing down the fumble return for TD against the Eagles. He also said that Tony Pollard can handle any role and they have been impressed with the way he has played over the last few weeks.

Garrett Gilbert has confidence

McCarthy said he’s played a lot of QB and that his father was a QB, so he knows the position and doesn’t lack confidence. He also noted that getting timing and continuity in order is the big thing.

More on the QB decision

Coach conceded some of it is gut feeling, and that you pay attention to all the things that go into the position. He said both players are smart, and that it is more about timing, cadence and operation. He finished by saying these are things you normally knock out in training camp, but they are doing it now.

Zack Martin

McCarthy said just watch the Philly game to see his impact. He said Martin keeps the group tight and he is a leader. He also said he is extremely consistent and makes players around him better.

Chidobe Awuzie

Coach wasn’t sure if he will go, they came out of yesterday with more info, and it’s a decision they will make with training staff after tomorrow. Coach didn’t think he would need surgery but noted that all injuries are different. He finished by saying that until he is full go with confidence, they won’t play him.

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