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Check out BTB’s interviews with Dallas Cowboys legends Darren Woodson and DeMarcus Ware

Two of the best in Cowboys’ franchise history.

Darren Woodson Cowboys

This time of year is always extremely busy as the holiday season on top of football season makes for a whole lot of “what day is it?” moments. Such has really been the case this particular week as, for the first time in franchise history, the Dallas Cowboys played a game on a Tuesday. Needless to say we are all likely fighting our biological clocks not knowing exactly when or where we are.

It is also a very busy time for some of the greatest players in Cowboys franchise history. Two of the best players to ever wear the star took some time to join BTB this week to talk about projects that they are working on. We are very grateful to both Darren Woodson and DeMarcus Ware for taking time to join us and chat about a variety of things.

Darren Woodson

Woody is once again in the running for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and we are all rooting him on like crazy. He joined us to talk about the current state of the Cowboys, how the team should be investing in the safety position (something he knows a thing or two about), how his teammates in the 1990s were like his big brothers, and what he’s doing with Crown Royal.

DeMarcus Ware

D-Ware isn’t eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame until 2021, but it is very possible that he hears his name called right before next year’s Super Bowl. You can see that he is still keeping in shape, and he has some thoughts on the effort comments that are currently surrounding the Cowboys. He also discussed the project that he’s got going on with Jim Beam and how you can participate in it by going to the Jim Beam Twitter and using the hashtags #JimBeamHighballHighlights and #JimBeamSweepstakes.

We would like to thank Darren Woodson and DeMarcus Ware as well as Crown Royal and Jim Beam for the time to have these discussions. It is never not fun to re-live the great days that these guys had while playing for the Cowboys and thankfully there were a lot of them.

Hopefully there are much more in the future as well.

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