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The Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game was the most-watched NFL game so far this season

America’s Team.

NFL: Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you were unaware, the Dallas Cowboys game that takes place on Thanksgiving Day is generally one of the most-viewed NFL games of the year. It is not difficult to understand why. Football is synonymous with Thanksgiving for many people and the fact that the Cowboys play in the afternoon, the money slot, is a marriage of the greatest possible variables for Jerry Jones and those that care about the brand value of the team. This is America’s Team, after all.

While the Cowboys are a bit of a wreck this season, they are still the Dallas Cowboys. They are obviously far less exciting and have lost a lot of their star power due to injuries, but again, they are the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game was the most-watched NFL game so far this season

The America’s Team magic waved its wand last Thursday afternoon even against a subpar squad in the Washington Football Team. For what it’s worth, it’s not like Washington hails from a small market, the NFC East is a goldmine in this respect, but the Thanksgiving factor is huge.

Wouldn’t you know it. The Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving, the one where they were obliterated, was the most-watched NFL game this season. At least we are first in something.

You can also see that this was the most-streamed Thanksgiving Day game in FOX Sports history, obviously streaming is a popular avenue for consumption by people these days. That number was up 55% over last year which really speaks to that idea.

If you were unaware FOX and CBS actually alternate Thanksgiving Day games every year between the Cowboys and Detroit Lions. This year’s wound up on FOX obviously which is why you can see that there was a 12% increase in viewership as last year this broadcast had the lower-quality team on turkey day.

The Dallas Cowboys are a money-maker. Some things never change.

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