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Mike McCarthy press conference: Team to virtually attend Markus Paul memorial, Cam Erving could be back sooner than Zack Martin

The head coach took to the podium on Wednesday.

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys were initially scheduled to visit the Baltimore Ravens tomorrow night. Due to a number of re-scheduling changes for Baltimore’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is actually taking place this afternoon, that game will now take place next Tuesday.

It is obviously a weird week for the Cowboys timing-wise, but Mike McCarthy was back at the podium per usual routine on Wednesday. We have collected all of his musings and notes for you as we always do.

A reminder that all answers are paraphrases and not actual quotes.

Getting back to work after long layoff

Mike McCarthy noted that with the Cowboys having their game against the Baltimore Ravens rescheduled they have somewhat approached the week like a bye week. He acknowledged that this is potentially the new norm and the way that the season will unfold moving forward as the world continues to combat Covid-19. He said with the team being off so long they are having a lighter practice to work the players back in.

He stressed that the idea is to create as safe of an environment as possible for everyone. He noted that these are tough times but that the biggest challenge is the personal and emotional path that everyone is on. He added that the team will watch the Ravens/Steelers game in safe pockets so as to say socially distanced and noted that the team will have a memorial for Markus Paul on Thursday before they begin normal practices.

Watching the Ravens

McCarthy noted again that the Cowboys will watch Wednesday’s Ravens/Steelers game by positions and noted that it is an extremely unique situation to get to watch an upcoming opponent this late in the process and that the Cowboys will try to take advantage of it. He said that sometimes you get to watch a game on a Monday night but that you never get a chance to watch an opponent two days into preparation.

Playing on a Tuesday night then a Sunday after

The Cowboys will play on Tuesday then Sunday next week. He said that the Cowboys have spent a majority of time over the last three days making sure that the team has the right preparation. He added that you can over-prepare for games and cautioned against that. Ultimately McCarthy noted that the Cowboys have to be ready to play on any day of the week as the new norm.

Going against Dez Bryant

Mike McCarthy noted that he has a great respect for the things that Dez has done and called him a tremendous player. He noted he went to Bryant’s draft workout long ago. He also said he made a heck of a catch back in 2014 but the rules just didn’t line up for the Cowboys.

Zack Martin and Cam Erving

McCarthy noted that Zack Martin will be out for multiple weeks and that Cam Erving “may be a little quicker”.

Putting a quarterback in quarantine

Some around the NFL have suggested putting a quarterback in quarantine in the event that COVID strikes, but Mike McCarthy said that the Cowboys like the plan that they have going and they are going to stay the course.

CeeDee Lamb so far this season

Mike McCarthy noted that from day one CeeDee Lamb has had a great admiration and respect for the number 88 that he wears. He said that Lamb is off to a great start of representing the number and the Dallas Cowboys. He complemented his professionalism and maturity.

McCarthy also added that CeeDee and the rest of the receivers as a whole have done a great job of not blinking given the turnover at the quarterback position. He referred to this as a strength of Lamb and that as you get to December you keep an eye on your rookies.

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