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Dallas Cowboys Week 16 Rooting Guide: We are all Carolina Panthers fans this week

Go Panthers.

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

There are at least two games left this season for the Dallas Cowboys and if things go a certain way we might have ourselves some free football in January. The playoffs has felt a bit silly for literally all of at times this season, but the reality is that the state of the NFC East has allowed for more far-fetched dreams than normal.

When things were at their worst for the Cowboys the idea of tanking made the most sense on a superficial level. Getting the best pick possible would obviously nice, but there is true and legitimate merit to winning in the NFL.

At present moment, the Cowboys hold the eighth overall pick in the draft and are in a cluster of a lot of teams with five wins. They have not necessarily won too many games to earn a top five pick, but getting to that many wins has made that particular goal a bit more difficult to achieve.

This is the NFL, though, and anything is possible here, just take a look at the New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals wins over the last week.

Team Tank and Team Win the NFC East are both rooting for the Carolina Panthers

Whether you do still want to see the Cowboys tank for a top pick or have held out hope for an NFC East title all along, it is likely difficult to persuade you to join the other cause. This is one of those subjects where people have their feelings and are going to stick to them no matter what.

Due to how jumbled everything has gotten, there is a tiny bit of crossover among the tankers and the rooters this week. Everyone is rooting for the Carolina Panthers to take down the Washington Football Team.

On the subject of the Panthers beating the Washington Football Team, that honestly seems fairly plausible. Washington’s defense is obviously one of the best in the NFL, but to say that they have had a distraction this week (and all season to be fair) would be quite the understatement.

Should the Cowboys get the help that they need from the Panthers and win themselves they will keep this ship afloat for at least another week. It’s always nice to (in normal times) be able to gather around the table at Christmas with your family, friends, or whomever and talk about a Cowboys team that at least holds some relevancy. That is what we have here in 2020 in terms of where the team is at, they are always entertaining.

What will you be rooting for this week?

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